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Whether you are ready to get started today or have a more complex project we have a solution for your organization.


  • WordPress Page Speed Optimization
  • WP Rocket Install & Configuration
  • Image Optimization 1GB/mo via Imagify
  • Google Core Vitals Audit


  • Google Core Vitals Compliance
  • Performance Optimization Audits
  • Non-WordPress Optimizations


Reducing loading time from 8 to 2 seconds can boost your conversion rate of visitors to customers by 74%.

47% of consumers expect a page to load in two seconds or less.

One second of additional page load speed can cause sales to drop by 27%.

In a study of 2 million urls less than 4% pass all Core Vitals tests.

Almost half of small businesses (43%) plan to improve their website performance and page speed.

How fast does your site load?

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We were building and optimizing websites for speed before it was cool. Tell us about your site and we’ll check it out, and come up with a plan to hit the accelerator.

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Question & Answer

Have questions? We have answers.

Will I get a perfect score (Mobile: 100 / Desktop: 100) on Google Pagespeed?

It is virtually impossible to get a perfect score on Pagespeed. Even if you had a static website with only Google Analytics installed, you would only get to 99. We focus on real-world performance, which is the most important because it makes your users happy!

Do you also optimize our images? What about WebP?

Absolutely, we use the API-based Imagify service to optimize all of the images on your site. After we run our batch, we look for large images and then update those individually. All images will include a WebP version so we can pass the Next Generation Image test on Google PageSpeed.

How many images are included in the optimization?

We optimize every image in your Media “folder” by default. We also will optimize images in your theme folder if required. In addition, we include 1GB/mo upload (1,000s of images) for up to 2 years after the initial optimization.

How quickly can we get this done? What’s the turnaround?

The typical turnaround is two business days after we receive admin access to your website. We will provide you with an estimate after purchase.

What access do you need to my site?

Most optimizations only require access to your WordPress admin area. We recommend that you create a separate Admin user for the project. That way, you control your site and don’t have to worry about changing your admin password. In some circumstances, we may request SFTP/FTP access to your site or access to your Hosting Control panel. This allows us to fix problems very quickly should anything go wrong.

Will my site function the same after the optimization?

Our goal is to make your site function identically as before, except with everything faster. Before we make changes impacting specific features, we will discuss them with you. An example would be removing a pre-loader screen or transition, which will no longer be necessary.

Will my website pass Google Core Vitals?

Passing Core Vitals, especially on mobile, is challenging. Every site is different, so there is no way we can guarantee that your site will pass. If you have a large amount of rich media, then we recommend a more custom optimization project. But we do guarantee that we will vastly improve your website speed. Our basic optimization includes an audit of the next steps needed to pass Core Vitals.

Do you provide any guarantee?

We guarantee our work for 30 days after the optimization. Included is fixing any issue that was caused by the optimization. We also make a backup of your site before performing the optimization, so that should anything go wrong, we can quickly restore your site to a pre-optimization state.

I installed something, and now my site is slow again. Is that covered?

The initial optimization does not include ongoing support and only covers the plugins and theme when we optimize the site. For the most part, there should be no issue with adding new plugins, but sometimes a plug-in developer does a poor job of following WordPress best practices. If you need longer-term WordPress support, we recommend reviewing our maintenance plans.

I use low-cost hosting, can you still optimize my site?

We can improve any WordPress site’s performance; some hosts are better than others. If we encounter issues directly related to hosting, we will notify you and, if needed, with your web host to resolve the issue. We also can provide you with hosting recommendations if you wish to move your website.

Do you work on my live site? Will it have any downtime?

For our basic optimization, we will work on your live site. There is no significant downtime during our process. If you use a premium WordPress host, like Kinsta or WP Engine, that provides staging areas, we can perform optimizations there before pushing to the live site.

Is CDN part of your solution? Can you integrate Cloudflare?

As part of our basic package, we do not include a CDN (Content Delivery Network), but if you are already using Cloudflare or another CDN, we can integrate that as part of the solution.

The Tools

We’ve put together a premium toolbox to bring your WordPress site up to speed.

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