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“Don’t Make Me Think” During COVID-19 – Part 2

In Part 1, we discussed what Steve Krug calls 'The Three Law of Usability', how people use the web, and website navigation. In Part 2, we'll be discussing how to clear website clutter, do user testing, and the importance of accessibility. Cutting the Homepage Clutter Usually hailed as the most crucial and most difficult page to create on a website is the homepage.  One of the main reasons this page is so challenging to design is that it needs to include many essential site elements while not being overwhelming. Those elements typically are, but aren’t necessarily limited to, site ID/mission,…

“Don’t Make Me Think” During COVID-19 — Part 1

Since the onset of Covid-19, there are two things I’ve noticed due to both my lived experience and profession. From a personal angle, my phone tells me my time spent online (just on my mobile device, mind you) has increased by nearly 60 percent. From the professional angle of working at a web development agency, there has been an uptick in clients wanting to update or create new websites.

#QuarantineReads — Book Review for “Webs of Influence”

Introduction to "Webs of Influence" In the spirit of continuing our #QuarantineReads series, we’d like to share our insights and summary of another book we’ve read recently: “Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion” by Nathalie Nahai. This book consists of three main parts. The first is titled Know Who You Are Targeting, followed by how to Communicate Persuasively, and finally, Nahai wraps up with Sell with Integrity. Going forward, I’ll primarily focus on sharing the key concepts in those three sections and then give a brief summary of each. Know Who You Are Targeting The primary focuses for…

WordPress 5.5 Update Alert

A recent update from WordPress has removed support for jQuery Migrate, which may cause interactive features to stop working, as well as, made changes to internationalization JavaScript. Combined these have impacted millions of websites. What's the issue? WordPress 5.5 has been released and has removed support for older versions of jQuery, the most popular Javascript library. This may cause issues with some plugins and themes. We have run into this with websites auto-updating and wanted to make sure that this got out. Additionally, WordPress 5.5 updated Javascript related to internationalization. This has impacted MILLIONS of websites. It is recommended that…

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