St. Louis Events // Week of March 27, 2023

Entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, and marketers in the St. Louis area have numerous opportunities to grow and connect within the local ecosystem during the week of March 27-31, 2023. Our Founder, Erik Lutenegger, has compiled a list of events and opportunities for this week that cater to various interests, including networking, business assistance, skill-building, and simply having fun!

Accelerator, ESO, and Funding Opportunities

Are you looking for Accelerators, Incubators, or Funding? Here’s an excellent place to start!

Apply Now // Free WordPress Speed Optimizations from SwingSpan
Tenacity has officially launched SwingSpan, a Digital Divide program that provides free WordPress Speed Optimizations for Non-profits. So if you are part of a non-profit or know someone who is, and they use WordPress for their website, apply at (Free Help)

Open Now // TechWeek St. Louis Sign-ups | TechSTL
Techweek St. Louis is just around the corner, and if you want to be part of the action? There are three ways to get involved Partner or Sponsor, apply to Speak or Host, or Join the Planning Committee.
Sponsorship Kit
Apply to Speak
(Community Opportunity)

Due March 31 // 2023 Arch Grants Startup Competition
It’s that time of year again, and Arch Grants is now a $75,000 non-dilutive grant with tons of resources, and all you have to do is get selected and agree to headquarter your business in St. Louis for at least one year. They also provide $25k in moving expenses if you are moving here. (Pitch Competition)

Due April 5 // Techstars Accelerator
This is a newly reimagined, six-week, equity-free program for startups at various stages, focusing on those leveraging Generative AI. The accelerator offers access to a network of mentors, businesses, and corporate partners for long-term strategic partnerships. It is designed for companies seeking collaboration with major enterprises like Comcast NBCUniversal. (Accelerator)

Due April 9 // LIFT Labs Accelerator: Generative AI
Accelerator applications are due for Atlanta, Boulder, Farm to Fork, Tech Central Sydney, and Riyadh. (Accelerator)

Startup, Tech, and Marketing Events

Events on March 27

March 27-31 // TechSTL Takeover @ TechArtista Downtown
Join the TechSTL Takeover at Techartista Downtown all week. TechSTL is hosting a series of events for its members where they will have free access to co-working spaces in the top innovation district hubs in St Louis. There will be a Networking Breakfast on Tuesday and a Takeover Mixer on Friday; more on that in a bit. This is a members-only event. But there’s still time signup. (In-Person)

March 27-31 // HBCU Entrepreneurship Week | HSSU Center of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
This biannual immersive event experience is designed with and for historically underrepresented entrepreneurs, businesses, and communities. Highlights include Making Money Make Sense, A’s of Accessibility: Designing for Social Good– Lunch & Learn, and Entrepreneurs Panel & Pizza. (In-Person)

Will AI Make Human Product Managers Obsolete? by Amazon Sr PM | Product School
Amazon Senior PM Siddharth Ilangovan will discuss the value propositions of AI and human product managers in building and managing products in a webinar. And will highlight the importance of a product manager’s mindset and skillset and how they complement AI in the new world order. (Virtual)

Events on March 28

March 28-29 // SBA Women’s Business Summit
This event is being held in honor of Women’s History Month and aims to advance women’s entrepreneurship. The summit will feature power-packed panels, inspirational fireside chats, and ‘Ask an Expert’ workshops to help attendees build, scale, and grow their businesses. Panels will cover topics like accessing capital, building equity into business models, and supporting Native American women’s entrepreneurial ecosystems. (Virtual)

The State of Events 2023 | AMA & Kaltura
Virtual and in-person events serve different purposes and audiences, and hybrid event strategies will be the norm. Kaltura’s VP of Product, Yair Neumann, provides insights on each type of event’s pros, cons, and use cases, along with tips for overcoming virtual event challenges and repurposing materials. (Virtual)

Virtual Business Reboot – Regional | VetBiz
This event is open to anyone interested in starting or growing a small business and will cover entrepreneurship, market research, legal structures, financing, and business planning. This is your chance to explore what it takes to be an entrepreneur and stand with the growing number of small business owners! (In-Person)

The Art of Doing Good and Well in Business | Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center
Christal M. Jackson, President of Mosaic Genius and Head & Heart Philanthropy, will discuss how businesses can focus on sustainability and make a positive impact. You can discover strategies to assess and implement your impact plan, learn about available resources, and explore what it means to do good and well in business. (Virtual)

Cybersecurity & Resilience Planning to Prepare for Cyberattacks | Enterprise University
Here you’ll learn how to assess and understand the overall business impact of cyber risk, prioritize risks, and implement simple and cost-effective cyber risk management strategies, and understand how to make your company resilient to cyber risk. (Virtual)

Data for Good: Driving Prosperity in the St. Louis Region | Olin Business School & Center for Analytics and Business Insights
This conference brings together local organizations to discuss how data and technology can improve economic prosperity and enhance the lives of everyone in the Community. And includes three panel discussions on driving the success of St. Louis’ innovation community, the impact of large, locally based corporations, and creating prosperity for all. (Virtual)

Events on March 29

1 Million Cups St. Louis | Presenter: Diva Wings
This event is for local entrepreneurs to meet and present their startups to the innovation community here in St. Louis. (In-Person)

How to Build a Unicorn | Silicon Valley Startup: Idea to IPO
At this event, Gary Fowler, a seasoned entrepreneur with 17 companies and two unicorns, will cover topics such as building successful teams, finding the right advisors and investors, the key characteristics of successful startup entrepreneurs, and the pitfalls of building a startup. (Virtual)

The AI Sales Assistant – How to Book B2B Demos on Autopilot | Network After Work
This event will showcase strategies to gain qualified leads through AI-Automation tools. Businesses can focus on closing deals by iterating and automating their prospecting process. Attendees will learn how to engage buyers meaningfully and convert prospects into sales with 3-simple steps to 3x bookings and will also learn the most common mistake non-marketers make in prospecting. (Virtual)

Content marketing for your small business | Wenta
This webinar offers a beginner’s guide to content marketing for small businesses. And covers the advantages of content marketing, understanding target markets, developing brand messages and tones of voice, and types of content and platforms. (Virtual)

Pitch Madness IdeaBounce®: University-Wide Pitch Competition! | Skandalaris Center
This is a bracket-style event to bring in ideas from across WashU’s schools. The winning pitch will receive $500! And Second place wins $250! Companies competing are Samatva, OvuMap, Big Easy Daiquiris Drive-Through, C+ Coffee Company, ACHORD, Unity Café, Petner, and King of the Curve (In-Person)

Events on March 30

AI for Writers Summit
This event explores how AI writing tools transform storytelling and redefine writing and editing career paths. The summit will help attendees understand and apply AI to advance their careers and stay competitive. And includes discussions on the current state of AI writing technologies, use cases and tools, emerging career paths, and potential adverse effects on writers. (Virtual)

All things data strategy! An event for post-seed startups and CEOs! | The Tesseract Academy
This event is for non-technical decision-makers of post-seed startups who want to understand how data science and AI can help improve their company’s valuation and efficiency. And features Denton Rawson, an entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in the technology industry, who will provide actionable insights and clarity instead of buzzwords and jargon. (Virtual)

How to Solve the Landing Page Problem in Paid Search With a Little Help From AI Content | MarketingProfs
Too many search terms in paid ad campaigns lead to a single landing page that can’t match the different search intents behind all those different clicks. The result? Wasted spending and missed leads. Here you’ll learn a three-step process to solve that problem with AI’s help. (Virtual)

Identity Resolution: It’s Time to Get Serious About Your Post-Cookie Strategy | Insider Intelligence
This webinar will address the changes to the privacy landscape and the need for marketers and publishers to use ad formats powered by first-party data to target and measure their audience. (Virtual)

Emerging Technologies in User Experience Design and Research | Research Bookmark
Here you’ll discover the impact of emerging technologies on user experience design and research at an upcoming event. Experts will discuss topics including data collection and decision-making ethics, the role of artificial intelligence and virtual reality in UX design, and predictions for future emerging tech. (Virtual)

Venture Cafe St. Louis | Join Opening Day At Venture Café!
There will be a roundtable discussion on A Roundtable Discussion: The American Dream, and you can connect with the Community while celebrating opening day! (In-Person)

Funding a Nonprofit | Kirkwood Public Library
Working on a nonprofit is hard enough without worrying about where your funds are coming. At this event, you can learn about what resources you can find and WIN grants for your organization. (In-Person)

Events on March 31

3 Secrets to creating a Content Strategy that ACTUALLY works | Metricool
Learn how to develop and execute a successful content strategy in this free masterclass featuring expert creator and entrepreneur Juan Galán, hosted by Anniston Ward, SEO Copywriter at Metricool. Discover three secrets to constructing a well-designed content strategy, using Metricool analytics to track performance and implementing it in real-life. (Virtual)

Bourbon Friday | TechArtista Downtown
It’s Friday, and it’s not Friday without Bourbon Friday. And you can join us at Techartista Downtown for our weekly social gathering celebrating the St. Louis startup scene. Stop by for 3 minutes or 3 hours for more great drinks and better conversations. This should be a special one since it will close out the TechSTL Takeover. (In-Person)

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