AI-Assisted WordPress Build



Signal Hill Security, a cybersecurity firm, actively works to safeguard digital integrity across various industries. Specializing in developing, maintaining, and enhancing System Security Plans (SSPs), they enable businesses to demonstrate a serious commitment to cybersecurity, earning client trust and securing digital futures. Their services include simplifying compliance processes, providing continuous cybersecurity documentation updates, and supporting audits and assessments to help businesses navigate the evolving digital landscape confidently.

Final Product.

Signal Hill Security came to us seeking to expand its online presence and add e-commerce functionality for digital security training purchases. To address their needs, we selected WooCommerce to handle the e-commerce store and customized WordPress theme to accelerate the build process.

During the discovery phase, we worked closely with the SHS team to evaluate their existing content and identify key messaging to maintain their established brand throughout the new website. By leveraging AI-powered tools like ChatGPT, we rewrote and expanded the content, tailoring it to their specific solutions and optimizing it for search engine visibility.

For the design process, we established a strong brand aesthetic by building upon their existing color palette and incorporating a vignette treatment on all images to echo the searchlight motif in their logo. To enhance the visual appeal, we utilized a combination of stock images and AI-generated visuals from Midjourney and Adobe Generative Fill.

The result was a simple, modern website that significantly expanded Signal Hill Security’s online footprint, providing its clients with a seamless and informative platform to explore its comprehensive cybersecurity services. By leveraging the latest AI technology and design techniques, we delivered a solution that not only represented the SHS brand but also empowered them to serve their customers better as the industry continues to evolve.

Client: Signal Hill Security