Getting Next Weeks Calendar of Startup Events Together

St. Louis Events // Week of October 10, 2022

Conferences! Conference! Conferences! Is there something about early October that attracts more conferences than any other time? Looking for HR or Marketing or AgTech or FoodTech or Design it’s all covered this week. Here’s a rundown from our Founder Erik Lutenegger of In-Person and Virtual Events available to St. Louis entrepreneurs coming up the week of October 10-14, 2022!

image of a computer screen and a speedometer to show website pagespeed testing

PageSpeed DIY

Having a website that loads quickly is key to capturing a user’s gaze, but where to begin? We recommend testing your site’s page speed.

Should you keep using Imagify on your Website?

Last month we were performing a Page Speed Optimization for a client; during testing, we noticed that our Page Weight was actually going up while using Imagify, our standard Image Optimization Plug-in. This didn’t make sense because Imagify should always decrease Page Weight and Load Time using WebP versus JPEG or PNG, as WebP is […]