St. Louis Events // Week of April 22, 2024 – Startups, AI, Tech & Marketing

Entrepreneurs, techies, and marketing pros in St. Louis mark your calendars for April 22-28! Discover various opportunities and events carefully selected by our Founder, Erik Lutenegger. This week is set to be a hub of networking, learning, and business growth, offering something valuable for every professional.

Funding, Accelerator & ESO Opportunities

Take your business to a new level with these opportunities.

Open Now // SQ1 Ignite | Cortex Innovation Community
This four-week program was created to help founders quickly start their business model validation process. Emphasizing the business model canvas, this process introduces entrepreneurs to the local support ecosystem, challenges them to form and test assumptions about their business idea, connects them with mentors, and helps them identify the crucial next steps in launching their business.

Due April 26 // Startup World Cup Competition
St. Louis was selected for the 2024 Startup World Cup, the largest global startup conference and pitch competition where 70+ cities send their champion team to the San Francisco Grand Finale to compete for a $1,000,000 investment prize. Submit your 60-second video, 10-slide deck, or both! (Pitch Competition)

Due April 30 // Cadence Cash Thrive Grant
The program offers $5,000 quarterly to small U.S.-based businesses that significantly impact their communities, prioritizing underrepresented areas. Applicants need to demonstrate their community contributions and meet a minimum revenue requirement to be considered. (Grant)

Due April 30 // International Accelerator Entrepreneurs
This 12-month program supports foreign-born entrepreneurs in the U.S. It offers free housing, office space, and legal support, plus a network of investors and mentors to help launch companies. Additional benefits include a potential $25K-$100K funding, business development assistance, and immigration services. (Accelerator)

Due May 8 // MTC Idea Fund
The IDEA Fund makes direct equity-based investments in Missouri’s most promising emerging companies to promote growth and encourage additional future investment. They have 3 programs: the TechLaunch for pre-seed, Seed Capital for the Seed stage, and the Venture Capital Program, which supports technology startups through matching equity or convertible debt investments up to $2,000,000. (Funding)

Due May 12 // Schnucks Springboard
In partnership with the Mid-States Minority Supplier Development Council, this program offers a 10-week business accelerator starting in August 2024. It targets diverse-owned businesses, providing $5,000 in funding, business development classes, in-store product trials, and networking opportunities. (Accelerator)

Due May 22 // Techstars Accelerator
Applications are due for ABN AMRO + Future of Finance, Build in Tulsa, Alabama EnergyTech, Anywhere Remote, Boston, Columbus Powered by OSU, Deep Tech Berlin, Economic Mobility Powered by Samvid Ventures, Future of Food Powered by EcolabLondon, New York City, Physical Health Fort Worth, San Diego powered by SDSU, San Francisco, Space, Sustainability Paris, Tech Central Sydney powered by the NSW Government, Tel Aviv, WaterTech & Sustainability, , Powered by J.P. Morgan: Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York City, and Washington DC. (Accelerator)

Due May 31 // Venture-Ready Missouri | Cortex Innovation District & Capital Innovators
The Venture Ready Missouri program, supported by the Missouri Technology Corporation, provides a two-part course designed to help Missouri-based startups attract venture funding. It features virtual classes focused on funding strategies and pitch development, all offered at no cost to participants. (Venture Programming)

Free WordPress Speed Optimizations for Non-Profits

Tenacity has officially launched SwingSpan, a Digital Divide program that provides free WordPress Speed Optimizations for Non-profits. So if you are part of a non-profit or know someone who is, and they use WordPress for their website, apply at

Technology, Marketing & Entrepreneur Events

Explore a diverse range of technology, marketing, and entrepreneurship events designed to inspire and educate professionals across various industries.

April 22

How to Create Consumable Video that Keeps Audiences Hungry for More | SCORE Bi-State Region
In this workshop, award-winning video producer and owner of video and animation production company Solstice Productions, Amanda Aschinger, will walk you through the process of designing a video strategy that engages audiences. (Virtual)

Elevate Your Pitch: Founders’ Virtual Deck Review | TechStars
Founders can actively improve their pitch presentations in a virtual setting, receiving personalized advice from seasoned professionals on crafting a compelling narrative for investors. (Virtual)

April 23

Adobe Max London | Adobe
A gathering of creative minds, the event features interactive sessions and keynotes from leaders in various artistic fields, providing insights and inspiration for attendees to harness in their creative endeavors. (Virtual)

Where the Smart Money is Going: This is What’s Really Working in 2024 (You Are Not Going to Like the Data) | NP Digital
This engaging session provides insights into cutting-edge marketing approaches, showcasing which strategies are currently leading to the highest returns, and how businesses can implement them to maximize effectiveness. (Virtual)

AI-powered Employee advocacy: Elevating your brand through the voice of your employees | AMA – Social Media & AI Bootcamp Series 2024
Dive into digital marketing with the Social Media & AI Bootcamp Series, where participants learn to leverage AI tools for social media strategy, enhancing engagement and analytics. This session is “AI-powered Employee advocacy: Elevating your brand through the voice of your employees”(Virtual)

Beating Burnout So You Can Burn Bright | Enterprise University
Discover techniques like well-being practices and habit stacking to combat burnout effectively, allowing you to thrive and perform at your best. (Virtual)

Startup Pitch Practice: Share Your Idea and Get Expert Feedback | Founder Institute
Participants will learn to craft concise, compelling elevator pitches and gain insights into what investors seek in startup ideas, enhancing their presentation skills. (Virtual)

Leadership And Communications: Guiding Impact Brands Through Times Of Change | Nonprofit Marketer Network – STL
Drawing from her 30+ year career in marketing, branding, and leadership roles, Angie Winschel provides insights on developing strategic communications, vision, processes, and leadership for organizations navigating complex transitions. (In-Person | Network for Strong Communities)

Beyond the Search Bar: Crafting an Impactful SEO Team Structure and Defining its Place in Your Organization | Search Engine Land
Join industry experts to learn about the benefits of Connected TV for search marketers, including strategies for reaching specific audiences and enhancing overall digital campaign effectiveness. (Virtual)

Unlocking Business Potential with Fractional Expertise | Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center
Stephanie Warlick, 5FT View Consulting, shares insights on leveraging fractional executives to meet leadership needs, achieve goals, and explore types of fractional roles, pros/cons, and timing. (Virtual)

SLU eMentors April Trivia Night | Chaifetz Center for Entrepreneurship
This event is a great opportunity to test your knowledge of entrepreneurship and the city of Saint Louis, learn from experienced entrepreneurs, and network with other students. You won’t want to miss out on Trivia Night! Food and appetizers will be provided. (Virtual)

Untold Rules for Prosperity and Legacy | Thrivent
This live session explores Mitchell’s nationally recognized plan that helped over 340,000 Black families build wealth using life insurance as a foundational asset. (In-Person | Moto Museum)

April 24

1 Million Cups St. Louis
This event is for local entrepreneurs to meet and present their startups to the innovation community here in St. Louis. Presenters: Blackwallstreet FC and Workflow Secrets. (In-Person | CIC @ Sarah)

Virtual Conference: Marketing in Higher Education | American Marketing Association
Gain actionable strategies to leverage digital engagement for meeting enrollment goals while fostering a sense of belonging and community for students, faculty, and alumni through purpose-driven marketing and communications. (Virtual)

Job Searching Tips for Tech | Nerdy Diva
Whether you’re a recent graduate, a seasoned professional, or anywhere in between, this session provides guidance to take your job-hunting skills to the next level and grow your career journey. (Virtual)

Personalization Perfected: Conversational AI’s Impact on Demand Generation | MarketingProfs
Caitlin Seele, Director of Revenue Marketing at Drift, shares her expertise on leveraging Conversational AI to redefine the way businesses connect with website visitors for personalized digital marketing. (Virtual)

A Kickoff to Q2: Self-Defense Just for You | CIC St. Louis
Learn effective self-defense strategies from a third-degree black belt instructor, focusing on “Stun and Run” tactics suitable for anyone regardless of strength. (In-Person | CIC @ Sarah)

Top 6 Ways to Work Faster with Adobe Acrobat | Adobe
Adobe’s Senior Solutions Consultant will reveal the top 6 ways modern teams can leverage Acrobat to supercharge everyday tasks and focus on high-value strategic work. (Virtual)

Mastering Client Attraction in The Age of AI | Network After Work
Get insights into powerful AI tools that amplify networking and sales outcomes, offering new approaches to attract clients and close deals more efficiently in the digital age. (Virtual)

April 25

Discover how to climb the Google ladder with SEO | Enterprise Nation
Equip yourself with cutting-edge SEO knowledge to propel your website’s visibility on Google, with insights from an industry expert with two decades of experience. (Virtual)

Techstrong Con 2024 | Techstrong
Learn how AI will be applied to everything from enabling developers to write better code to making it simpler to manage cloud computing environments in ways that not too long ago would have been deemed inconceivable (Virtual)

Business Visioning for Creative Entrepreneurs | CreativeMornings
Expect a thought-provoking session on reflecting, thinking big, and considering the personal growth required to make your entrepreneurial vision a reality, led by Holly Howard of Ask Holly How. (Virtual)

The Fundamentals of Building Your Personal Brand | WE NYC
This interactive session guides you through the essentials of personal branding, emphasizing its impact on business growth and customer relationships. (Virtual)

Data Driven Decisions: The Future of First-Party Data and Why It Will Be Critical | MarTech
Discover practical approaches to develop truly personalized, targeted omnichannel outreach that meets consumer expectations. Don’t miss this opportunity to optimize your first-party data strategy for a competitive edge in a privacy-conscious world. (Virtual)

AI-Driven Outcomes: How MongoDB Is Helping Organizations Win | MongoDB
This webinar will feature a fireside chat exploring AI’s transformative role across industries, highlighting MongoDB’s impact on operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. (Virtual)

Future proofing websites: Three marketing leaders’ perspectives | Webflow
Three marketing leaders from Drift, PandaDoc, and HubSpot share their perspectives on the biggest challenges fast-growing companies face when building, developing, and maintaining marketing websites, tech stacks, and team collaboration in today’s hyper-competitive digital landscape. (Virtual)

Founders Lounge | MultiPass Venture Community
Entrepreneurs can enjoy an evening fostering relationships, exchanging stories, and gathering insights. It promotes networking, provides opportunities for potential collaborations, and includes inspirational talks from successful entrepreneurs. (In-Person | Aloft St. Louis)

Founders Unplugged STL | TechSTL
This event offers a deep dive into the journeys of successful founders in St. Louis, with insights shared through a fireside chat, interactive Q&A, and networking opportunities with complimentary snacks and drinks. (In-Person | T-REX)

Back to Basics | NSN St. Louis
Engage with peers and gain valuable insights from Brandon Williams on how to simplify success by returning to core principles in personal and professional life. (In-Person | T-REX)

April 26

Bourbon Friday @ TechArtista Downtown
It’s Friday, and it’s not Friday without Bourbon Friday. And you can join us at Techartista Downtown for our weekly social gathering celebrating the St. Louis startup scene. Stop by for 3 minutes or 3 hours for more great drinks and better conversations. (In-Person)

April 27

Día del Niño | STEMSTL, Hispanic Festival Inc, and Hispanic Leaders Group
This educational event offers Hispanic students a chance to connect with colleges, discover scholarship options, and gain insights into making informed decisions about their educational future. (In-Person | Cortex Commons)

April 28

St. Louis Code and Coffee
If you are interested in coding at any level and want a community to connect with and share ideas, this is an informal meet-up for anyone to work or hack on their project. (In-Person | TechArtista UCity)

The Biggest Dog Meetup in St. Louis | Fi Smart Collar
This event offers a lively day for dog owners to mingle, enjoy craft beer, and participate in contests, with special giveaways including Fi smart collars and custom dog caricatures. (In-Person | Bar K St. Louis)

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