St. Louis Events // Week of April 8, 2024 – STL TechWeek Edition

Get ready for a week full of opportunities in St. Louis, specially tailored for entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, and marketing professionals. From April 8-14, explore various events curated by our Founder, Erik Lutenegger. These gatherings are perfect for networking, skill development, and gaining invaluable business insights.

Funding and Support for Growing Your Business

Unlock new opportunities to take your business to the next level with these funding programs and accelerator initiatives.

Due April 16 // Physical Infrastructure Grant Program | Missouri Technology Corporation
This aims to provide accessible physical infrastructure for entrepreneurs in Missouri. It supports flexible commercial spaces, sector-specific facilities, and infrastructure that fosters community entrepreneurship. The program offers funding up to $200,000 or 25% of an organization’s annual operating expenses, targeting nonprofit research and entrepreneurial support organizations in Missouri. (Grant)

Due April 30 // Cadence Cash Thrive Grant
The program offers $5,000 quarterly to small U.S.-based businesses that significantly impact their communities, prioritizing underrepresented areas. Applicants need to demonstrate their community contributions and meet a minimum revenue requirement to be considered. (Grant)

Free WordPress Speed Optimizations for Non-Profits

Tenacity has officially launched SwingSpan, a Digital Divide program that provides free WordPress Speed Optimizations for Non-profits. So if you are part of a non-profit or know someone who is, and they use WordPress for their website, apply at

Elevate Your Tech, Marketing, and Entrepreneurial Journey

Dive into a curated lineup of conferences, workshops, and networking opportunities designed to empower local innovators and entrepreneurs.

April 8

STL TechWeek 2024 | TechSTL
Join 5 full days of disruptive and emerging technology at over 30 venues across the St. Louis Metro. All events are free and open to the public. Be sure to check out all of them below. (In-Person | Various)

St. Louis: Our Place in the Global Innovation Race | STL TechWeek
Kick-off the discussion of St. Louis’s contributions to global innovation, featuring insights from policymakers, economists, and educators on technology’s role in regional growth and workforce development. (In-Person | Charles F. Knight Executive Education & Conference Center)

Agtech Disruption | STL TechWeek
Dive into the world of agricultural technology with sessions on smarter crop disease management and emerging trends in Agtech startups, illustrating St. Louis’s role in the global Agtech landscape during STL TechWeek. (In-Person | T-REX)

Gen AI: The New Possible | STL TechWeek
Leading experts discuss the advancements and challenges in Generative AI, exploring its potential to revolutionize industries, followed by an opportunity to network with peers. (In-Person | Charles F. Knight Executive Education & Conference Center)

Connect K12: Transforming St. Louis Tech Education | STL TechWeek
Engage in a transformative educational discussion at STL TechWeek, exploring robotics competitions, gaming’s role in learning, and closing the CS education gap, with opportunities for networking and collaboration. (In-Person | T-REX)

STL Data Key: Mapping a Future for St. Louis Data | STL TechWeek
Experts address St. Louis’s evolving data landscape, discussing the impact of AI on data security and integration through case studies like community data utilization and wastewater data analysis. (In-Person | T-REX)

STLREE Regional Collegiate Pitch Competition | STL TechWeek
Students from STL area colleges and universities present their business ideas in a poster format. All attendees will receive a token to cast their vote for their favorite idea! (In-Person | COLLAB @ Cortex)

Discover your small business’s uniqueness | Enterprise Nation
Discover the uniqueness of your small business through this interactive webinar, where Duchess Letitia Kapuscinska shares strategies for leveraging strengths and setting effective goals to define your market niche. (Virtual)

April 9

Next Generation LLMs | STL TechWeek
This event explores the latest in Large Language Models (LLMs), with industry experts discussing the future of generative AI, strategic innovations, and practical applications in consumer products and enterprises. (In-Person | Maryville University Auditorium)

Workforce Innovation: 2024 Trends & Models | STL TechWeek
Analyzing workforce trends and innovative models, this event emphasizes tech skill integration in various sectors, with leaders discussing St. Louis’s talent development from basic education to advanced professional training. (In-Person | Spark Coworking)

Online Sales Bootcamp | STL TechWeek
This bootcamp covers current sales strategies, exploring efficient team operations, social media utilization, personalization in sales, and AI’s role in understanding customer desires, ending with networking. (In-Person | T-REX)

Small Business Innovation Bootcamp | STL TechWeek
This event provides a comprehensive learning experience on using technology to enhance business operations, covering topics like ChatGPT for content, video storytelling, personal branding, AI in business, and Google advertising strategies. (In-Person | Northside Economic Empowerment Center)

AI for Small Businesses | STL TechWeek
Industry professionals guide small business owners on harnessing AI for lead generation, community engagement, and operational efficiency, culminating in a networking opportunity. (In-Person | Employ STL)

The St. Louis Fintech Summit | STL TechWeek
This summit offers a comprehensive look at fintech’s evolution, featuring discussions on blockchain, cyber security, and AI, with insights into spatial finance, open banking, and the shifting local investment scene. (In-Person | The Post Building)

SAAS CON 24 | STL TechWeek
At this conference, the focus will be on the dynamic shifts within the SaaS domain, including the integration of AI technologies like Chat GPT, evolving work models, and navigating financial landscapes for startups. (In-Person | T-REX)

Decoding the Climate Crisis | STL TechWeek
With a focus on reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, this event brings together data analysts and AI experts to forge innovative solutions for pressing environmental issues. (In-Person | T-REX)

Tech&: Driving Tech Diversity & Allyship | STL TechWeek
This event emphasizes tech’s role in promoting diversity and allyship in the workplace, featuring discussions on DEI strategies, reactivating DEI projects, and improving equitable access in the talent pipeline. (In-Person | COLLAB @Cortex)

Secure Horizons: Future-Proofing Startups Against Supply Chain Cyber Risks | STL TechWeek
Offering a deep dive into cyber risk management for startups, this session outlines strategies to secure data and systems against supply chain vulnerabilities, guided by seasoned professionals. (In-Person | T-REX)

Tech + National Security | STL TechWeek
This session highlights the intersection of technology and national security, discussing startups’ access to defense contracts and the enhancement of security through intelligence analysis. (In-Person | T-REX)

Tech on Tap | STL TechWeek
Join this networking event for St. Louis tech innovators, featuring discussions on AI and technology’s future, with a special session by John Stamm of Hello Citizen, held at Urban Chestnut Brewing. (In-Person | Urban Chestnut Grove Brewery and Bierhall)

VISIONBOOST Pitch Competition | STL TechWeek
Entrepreneurs showcase their business acumen in a competitive setting, vying for financial support and coworking opportunities, aimed at propelling their ventures forward in the tech community. (In-Person | North County Innovation Center)

Women as Leaders Breakfast Series in St. Louis | USGIF
Aimed at understanding challenges in women’s leadership, this series provides strategies for a more inclusive workplace, tackling topics like negotiation, communication, and overcoming biases with experts in DEI and women’s leadership. (In-Person | Greater St. Louis, Inc.)

Championing the Creator Economy: End-to-end strategies for discovering influencers | AMA – Social Media & AI Bootcamp Series 2024
Dive into the evolving world of digital marketing with a comprehensive bootcamp on social media and AI, designed to enhance strategic marketing skills and implement cutting-edge tools and techniques. (Virtual)

Business Tips for Success: The Necessities to Start-Up and Maintain | SCORE – St. Louis Bi-State Region
Learn about the pivotal steps to take when in the start-up phase, as well as the steps needed to promote continual business growth. (Virtual)

2024 Olin Award Presentation & Luncheon | Washington University
Witness the celebration of groundbreaking research as Nick Argyres and Durai Sundaramoorthi are honored. Their works on innovation development and resource management in crises are poised to leave a mark in the business landscape. (In-Person & Virtual)

Lunch & Learn: A CRM? What, Why & When! | CIC St. Louis
Discover the essentials of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, their significance for businesses, and guidance on selecting the right one to enhance organizational efficiency and customer engagement. (In-Person)

Techstars Fundraising Series – Part 2: Set – Prepping Your Materials
Get an overview of what materials you should prepare for the fundraising process (e.g. 1-page summary, investor deck) and how to determine how much to raise. (Virtual)

AI for Personal Productivity | Section School
Experience hands-on learning with 2-3 AI tools designed to immediately improve your effectiveness and productivity, alongside engaging with peers and an expert instructor. (Virtual)

Benefits of Volunteering with SCORE as a Business Mentor | SCORE
Hear from SCORE mentors about the impact of sharing their business acumen with local entrepreneurs. Learn how your expertise can contribute to the growth and success of small businesses and enrich your community. (Virtual)

Vetworking STL
Join them for a night of networking with fellow veterans, organizations, and employers. So, if you are a transitioning service member or a job-seeking veteran, this is a fantastic opportunity to meet with fellow veterans and companies around St. Louis. (In-Person | Global Brew O’fallon)

April 10

St. Louis Black Tech Conference | STL TechWeek
This event highlights the impact of BIPOC individuals in tech, providing a platform for discussions on capital acquisition, scaling businesses, and community-driven innovation, with interactive sessions for attendees to contribute ideas and feedback. (In-Person | Clay Early Childhood Development at Harris Stowe University)

Consumer Product Innovation Expo | STL TechWeek
At this expo, participants engage with trends in product innovation, benefiting from insights on marketing, supply chain management, and hard tech, along with an onsite showcase of local consumer products. (In-Person | Chaifetz School of Business at Saint Louis University)

What’s Happening in the World of IoT? | STL TechWeek
Attendees at this workshop will delve into St. Louis’s IoT advancements, discussing electronics, data collection, and communication technologies, and learning how to engage with the city’s growing IoT community. (In-Person | Employ STL)

CyberCon | STL TechWeek
Industry leaders from government, academia, and startups converge to address key cybersecurity themes, including zero trust security, supply chain resiliency, and the evolving risks with Generative AI. (In-Person | Morris University Center, SIUE)

AI Powered Marketing | STL TechWeek
Join marketing experts discussing AI’s impact on the field, including practical uses of ChatGPT, the ongoing GenAI revolution in sales, and how to balance AI use with authenticity in marketing strategies. (In-Person | HeyDays HQ)

AI Ethics | STL TechWeek
Participants will learn about ethical AI practices, with discussions on frameworks for innovation, privacy, and bias awareness, aiming to equip organizations with knowledge for responsible AI usage. (In-Person | TechArtista Downtown)

Navigating the Future: AI & Mitigating Risks for Tech Leaders | STL TechWeek
Tech leaders will explore AI advancements and their inherent risks, discussing strategic approaches for risk mitigation, regulatory challenges, and real-world applications in an interactive panel format. (In-Person | Object Computing)

Urban Eats Food Incubator Tour | STL TechWeek
Join a guided tour of Urban Eats, a bustling food incubator in Dutchtown, to discover a network of local food entrepreneurs and understand the business development model powering this vibrant culinary community. (In-Person | Urban Eats)

StartupSTL Ecosystem 101 at NIC | STL TechWeek
This monthly event provides insights into St. Louis’s startup ecosystem, focusing on securing business funding, finding mentors, and upcoming business programs, culminating in a networking opportunity. (In-Person | Neighborhood Innovation Center – STL)

1 Million Cups St. Louis | Presenters: Fundamentals by Linda Pritchard & Vertigreens
This event is for local entrepreneurs to meet and present their startups to the innovation community here in St. Louis. (In-Person | CIC @ Sarah)

GEOINT 2024 Sneak Peek | USGIF
Before gathering for a week of training, learning, exhibiting, and networking at the GEOINT Symposium, join USGIF for this breakfast event to hear about the community’s plans for the Symposium. (In-Person | T-REX)

From Zero to Sales Hero: Keys to Mastering Sales Confidence | Enterprise University
Accelerate your sales prowess by understanding the nuances of selling in today’s complex environment. This event arms sales leaders with the knowledge to avoid pitfalls and align with what truly resonates with contemporary clients. (Virtual)

Five simple ways to write emails that sell | CreativeMornings
Transform your email marketing approach with actionable insights on drafting persuasive communication. Participants will learn to craft emails that not only sell but also build excitement among receivers, with expert advice from a seasoned marketer. (Virtual)

Emerging Leaders Informational Session | Focus St. Louis
Early-career professionals desiring to explore their leadership capabilities and community impact are invited to this session, offering a glimpse into the program’s benefits and application specifics. (Virtual)

Why AI Innovation Matters for Startup Success | Founder Institute
The session covers the significance of AI in startups, featuring real-world examples and strategies for employing AI to identify market opportunities and enhance business operations. (Virtual)

William H. Danforth St. Louis Confluence Symposium & Award Ceremony | Washington University
Panelists from diverse backgrounds convene to underscore the essence of combining WashU’s efforts with community voices to spur positive outcomes. They’ll unravel the dynamics of successful research collaborations rooted in equity and inclusion. (In-Person | .ZACK Theater)

Canva Essentials for Mastering Social Media Design | NY Public Library, Thomas Yoseloff Business Center
Learn to master social media design with Canva, guided by Maggie Carey, and discover how to customize templates, enhance typography, and integrate media for impactful digital content. (Virtual)

April 11

Women of Tech Bruncheon | STL TechWeek
Gather to pay tribute to the pioneering women in tech over brunch and mimosas. Engage in candid stories and discussions on mentorship, career resurgence, and social impact led by accomplished professionals. (In-Person | Spark Coworking – St. Louis)

Nonprofit Tech Solutions: Salesforce & Data Driven Impact | STL TechWeek
This session convenes thought leaders for a panel discussion on strategic and technological evolution within nonprofits, aiming to elevate mission execution through informed, data-driven approaches. (In-Person | TechArtista Downtown)

StartupSTL Launchpad: Building a Next Generation Startup Ecosystem | STL TechWeek
St. Louis’s business community gathers to forge a forward-looking blueprint for startups, engaging with innovators and decision-makers to tap into life sciences, fintech, and more. (In-Person | Maryville University Auditorium)

St. Louis Health Innovation Symposium | STL TechWeek
In a dynamic exploration of AI’s intersection with healthcare, experts debate from digital health startups to the status quo of medical device innovation, highlighting the region’s drive towards a tech-augmented future in healthcare. (In-Person | Simon Hall in Olin Business School)

Gaming 101 | STL TechWeek
Participants in Gaming 101 will emerge with a richer understanding of the gaming sector’s rapid evolution, gaining insights directly from St. Louis industry leaders and educational advocates. (In-Person | Employ STL)

GEO+AI | STL TechWeek
St. Louis emerges as a pivotal force in geospatial innovation, confronting AI’s swift growth. Key figures convene at GEO+AI to navigate the advancements and challenges at this intersection. (In-Person | Morris University Center, SIUE)

AI Test Track | STL TechWeek
Navigate the evolving AI landscape with specialists discussing the transformation of legacy software, debunking AI apprehensions, and exploring the cognitive connections between humans and machines. (In-Person | Spark Coworking – St. Louis)

Direct to Consumer Summit | STL TechWeek
Learn the secrets of conversational commerce and advanced messaging techniques poised to elevate sales in the rapidly expanding direct-to-consumer marketplace, all within the context of St. Louis’s rich manufacturing heritage. (In-Person | Chaifetz School of Business at Saint Louis University)

The St. Louis Press Pass | STL TechWeek
This panel offers a rare glimpse into the minds of media gatekeepers, providing practical advice for gaining spotlight-worthy press attention in the bustling world of journalism. (In-Person | TechArtista Downtown)

Medtech Happy Hour at Stereotaxis | STL TechWeek
At the heart of St. Louis’s medical tech scene, Stereotaxis opens its doors for an intimate happy hour experience, blending networking with a showcase of their revolutionary cardiology and neuroradiology devices. (In-Person | Stereotaxis)

AfroInno: Leveraging Globalized Tech to Foster an African-Centered Identity | STL TechWeek
AfroInno convenes innovators with African roots to discuss how they utilize globalized tech to nurture an African-centered identity and drive progress across key sectors, including AI and HealthTech. (In-Person | Claim Academy)

AACC Spotlight: AI & Web3 in Global Economy & Innovation | STL TechWeek
The synergy of AI and Web3 takes center stage at the AACC Spotlight event, unearthing St. Louis’s contributions towards these technologies and their impact on a global scale, fostering conversations on innovation and economic advancement. (In-Person | OPO Startups)

Corporate Philanthropy Awards | St. Louis Business Journal
Corporate giving is one of the qualities that makes St. Louis special. At this year’s Corporate Philanthropy Awards, they’ll highlight the companies and individuals that are making corporate giving shine. (In-Person | Hilton St. Louis Frontenac)

Painting the Tech Business Model Canvas | Missouri SBDC
This 6-week online offering via Zoom will introduce technology start-ups to the steps necessary for developing a business model canvas for their early concept. This includes a framework that focuses on discovering the customer problems in the space where their potential solution may live. In addition, this course will include steps to develop a value proposition that fulfills the customers’ needs and differentiates them in the marketplace. (Virtual)

Social Media Marketing for High-Growth Startups | Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center
Ashley Rector of Quimby Digital shares scalable social media marketing strategies for high-growth startups, focusing on content strategy, channel alignment, and campaign effectiveness assessment. (Virtual)

Flex Your Content Management for Scalability and Hyper-Personalization | MarTech
This webinar, led by Imran Choudhary and Paul Taylor, delves into optimizing content management systems (CMS) for hyper-personalization, discussing real-time marketing, cross-platform consistency, scalability, and the integration of AI and automation. (Virtual)

Business Banking Workshop: How to Use Business Credit | St. Louis African Chamber of Commerce
Business owners will connect with BMO bank leaders to delve into the nuances of business credit. The workshop is designed to illuminate the pathway to financial savvy in the business banking sphere. (In-Person | BMO Harris Bank)

#SheCan Connect Networking Meet Up
SheCan Connect is a growing community for female leaders, entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and creatives. If you are a woman of faith seeking growth, strategy, resources, and inspiration by combining spiritual and professional development, this event is for you.  (Virtual)

Founders Lounge | MultiPass Venture Community
Entrepreneurs can enjoy an evening fostering relationships, exchanging stories, and gathering insights. It promotes networking, provides opportunities for potential collaborations, and includes inspirational talks from successful entrepreneurs. (In-Person | Aloft St. Louis)

April 12

Nonprofit Tech Solutions: Microsoft Cloud Products | STL TechWeek
Nonprofit organizations are invited to learn about leveraging Microsoft’s suite of cloud products, as industry experts from Microsoft and local partners demonstrate how to maximize these tools to advance their missions. (In-Person | TechArtista Downtown)

Driving the Future of Food Tech | STL TechWeek
Innovation in the food tech sector takes center stage with Purina’s exploration of AI in personalized nutrition, setting the tone for a future where tailored diets are the norm. (In-Person | Chaifetz School of Business at Saint Louis University)

Theory to Application: AI Chatbots Lunch & Learn + Tour the Tivoli Theater | STL TechWeek
Immerse yourself in the evolution of chatbot technology, as experts articulate the pioneering strides taken to craft AI that pushes the boundaries of conversational interaction. (In-Person | Integrity Web Consulting)

VisionXR: The World of Gaming, Animation & Extended Reality | STL TechWeek
Attend an energizing convergence of technology, creativity, and competition, featuring discussions on pioneering AI in brand strategies, transforming art into tech experiences, and the economics of gaming. (In-Person | 24:1 Cinema)

St. Louis Capital Connections: Ways to Raise | STL TechWeek
Entrepreneurs are welcomed to an event aimed at demystifying the process of securing business capital through expert-led discussions on venture capital, engaging pitching, and alternative financing strategies. (In-Person | TechArtista Downtown)

STL TechWeek Closing Ceremony & Device Drive for PCs for People | STL TechWeek
Wrap up STL TechWeek with a spirited celebration featuring insights from top industry leaders, the unveiling of a major global pitch competition, and a lively party to cap off the week’s successes. (In-Person | The Hawthorn)

SEO Friday Forum | MarketingProfs
Unlock SEO strategies that go beyond algorithm trends, as industry experts divulge techniques for enhancing website traffic and conversions. Learn to increase SEO effectiveness for tangible business growth. (Virtual)

No Bourbon Friday This Week | See You April 19
We’re off this week so that we can attend and support the TechWeek Closing Ceremony. Please join us there.
(In-Person | Nope)

AIGA STL Design Show
St. Louis’s brightest design minds converge to display their most exceptional work, handpicked by a panel of nationally recognized judges, celebrating a legacy of local creative excellence at the AIGA Design Show. (In-Person | The Post Building)

April 13

Dutchtown’s Day of Discovery: Meramec Magic Meets Innovation | Neighborhood Innovation Center – STL
Experience the fusion of commerce and culture in Dutchtown, as the neighborhood buzzes with technological demonstrations, vibrant local celebration, and a feast for the senses during a day dedicated to discovery and entrepreneurial spirit. (In-Person)

“Threads” Fashion Event Produced by Missouri Historical Society | St. Louis Fashion Fund
At Threads, the legacy of textile artistry dialogues with the pulse of current fashion trends, crafting a tapestry of designs that resonate with stories from the past, all while supporting the institution’s vibrant mission. (In-Person | Missouri Historical Society)

Brownpreneurs Entrepreneurship Academy
Designed for young aspiring business minds, this series focuses on developing entrepreneurial skills, networking, and practical business insights in a supportive environment.  (In-Person | St. Louis Community College – Forest Park)

April 14

St. Louis Code and Coffee
If you are interested in coding at any level and want a community to connect with and share ideas, this is an informal meet-up for anyone to work or hack on their project. (In-Person | TechArtista UCity)

NSF SBIR Interactive Workshop | Missouri SBDC
This interactive workshop offers technology startups and established firms a comprehensive understanding of securing NSF SBIR and STTR Grants for groundbreaking R&D endeavors, led by industry veterans Lahue and Redmann. (Virtual)

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