St. Louis Events // Week of February 19, 2024 – Startups, AI, Tech & Marketing

For the entrepreneurial and tech-savvy crowd in St. Louis, the week of February 19-25 is not to be missed. Erik Lutenegger, our Founder, brings you a handpicked selection of events and opportunities. From networking to skill-building, each event promises to enrich your professional and personal journey.

Funding, Accelerator & Entrepreneurial Support Organization Opportunities

Check out these opportunities to elevate your business.

Rolling Applications // CIE Volunteer HSSU | The Center of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
CIE invites individuals to contribute to innovation and community empowerment in St. Louis. By participating, volunteers can lead workshops, support community engagement, and assist in events, enhancing their skills and making a significant impact. This opportunity fosters personal and professional growth within a supportive community. (Volunteer Opportunity)

​Rolling Applications // Ready! Set! Launch! | Urban League St. Louis Women’s Business Center
This 10-week online small business development program, offered in spring, summer, and fall, is designed to educate and empower aspiring and established entrepreneurs through three tiered levels focusing on business ideation, preparation, and growth strategies, including professional development, financial management, and marketing. (Incubator)

Open February 20 // Arch Grants Competition
It’s almost that time of year, and Arch Grants is now a $75,000 non-dilutive grant with tons of resources. They also provide $25k in moving expenses if you are moving here. Get a reminder straight to your inbox. (Grant Reminder)

Due February 21 // Center For Economic Inclusion Vanguard Accelerator | Founders First CDC
This program supports Latina and Black women-owned businesses in Minneapolis/St. Paul. It provides $100,000 in business grants, scholarships to a business accelerator program, and access to forgivable loans ranging from $25,000 to $250,000. The program aims to accelerate growth, sustainability, and job creation in these businesses.(Accelerator)

Due February 23 // Black Venture Institute Cohort 7 | BLCK VC
Hosted by the Berkeley Haas School of Business in partnership with Berkeley Executive Education, this program offers curriculum-based training for Black operators and executives to become angel, scout, and venture investors. The virtual program teaches foundational investment principles, including deal structuring and board participation, and provides access to a community of industry experts and potential deal flow. (Incubator)

Due February 24 // TEDx St. Louis Auditions
TEDxSaintLouis is currently accepting applications for speakers with innovative ideas, particularly in technology, entertainment, and design, who have a strong connection to the St. Louis region. Applicants must prepare a 3-minute audition without A/V support, emphasizing their idea’s uniqueness and their expertise. Auditions are scheduled for March 23rd. (Speaking Opportunity)

Due February 26 // Camelback Fellowship | Camelback Ventures
This initiative supports early-stage entrepreneurs of color, women, and non-binary founders in the U.S. through coaching, capital, connections, community, and curriculum. It focuses on Education and Conscious Tech ventures, aiming to create impactful schools and communities within a generation. The program includes a hybrid experience with both in-person and virtual components, offering a tailored curriculum and support network. (Funding & Programming)

Due February 29 // Innovate Together Grant in partnership with TikTok | Black Girl Ventures
This grant program offers financial support to small business owners and content creators for business growth through creative services like branding, influencer marketing, and web development. Open to those 18+ with an active TikTok account, it aims to foster innovative collaborations and expand brand reach. Awards range from $2,500 to $10,000 (Grant)

Due March 1 // Unshackled Residency | Unshackled Ventures
This program offers $150K, full immigration support, and employment for solo immigrant founders in the U.S., allowing them to explore their entrepreneurial ideas without the burden of visa constraints. It targets ambitious immigrants ready to become full-time entrepreneurs, offering a community and resources to help them succeed. (Investment & Programming)

Due March 1 // Pitch for the Planet | Vegpreneur
This opportunity allows plant-based business entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to an investor panel at the 4th Annual Plant-based Summit at Expo West. Finalists will be announced by March 5th. This program is designed to foster growth and innovation within the plant-based industry. (Pitch Competition)

Due March 6 // Techstars Accelerator
Applications are due for Workforce Development. (Accelerator)

Due March 22 // Inc. 5000
The Inc. 5000 awards honor America’s fastest-growing private companies, based on three-year revenue growth. It’s a prestigious list by Inc. magazine, highlighting entrepreneurial success, innovation, and leadership across industries, offering visibility, credibility, and networking opportunities to the ranked companies. (International Award)

Due April 5 // Missouri Startup Weekend
Missouri Startup Weekend is an event for entrepreneurs to pitch ideas, form teams, and start businesses in just three days. It’s open to anyone interested in startups, not limited to tech. Participants can work on new or existing projects, with tickets covering the event’s essentials. The goal is to foster startup creation through a supportive, immersive experience. (Hackathon)

Free WordPress Speed Optimizations for Non-Profits

Tenacity has officially launched SwingSpan, a Digital Divide program that provides free WordPress Speed Optimizations for Non-profits. So if you are part of a non-profit or know someone who is, and they use WordPress for their website, apply at

Technology, Marketing & Entrepreneur Events

February 19

February 19-22 // Streaming Media Connect 2024
Engage with the streaming community’s thought leaders, presenting pioneering strategies and richest debates on content delivery’s forefront, crystallizing the world of streaming’s next major advancements. (Virtual)

How to create a compelling content calendar | Enterprise Nation
Unpack the intricacies of a balanced content strategy with actionable steps for developing a social media calendar, ensuring consistent engagement while debunking content and hashtag myths. (Virtual)

Basics of Crowdfunding for Entrepreneurs | WE NYC
Gain insight into the crowdfunding landscape for entrepreneurs, learning the four main models and pinpointing optimal platforms tailored for small business success, coupled with strategies to hit fundraising targets. (Virtual)

February 20

February 20-22 // JS Days 2024
Immerse in three days of intensive JavaScript learning, where developers at every level enhance their skills through back-to-back sessions led by seasoned JS leaders and Sencha’s guiding minds. (Virtual)

Expanding Access to Credit for Minority Small Businesses in St. Louis, Missouri | FDIC
Learn about the actionable steps being taken to expand economic inclusion in St. Louis through strengthened partnerships and increased access to credit for minority small business owners. (In-Person | Delmar Divine)

LinkedIn Business Profile Brilliance: Captivate Your Potential Customers | Urban League St. Louis – Women’s Business Center
This one-hour workshop will unravel the secrets to making your Linkedin Business profile stand out, attracting the right audience and turning potential customers into brand advocates! (Virtual)

From an Employee to an Entrepreneur | Founder Institute
Hear firsthand the transformative tales and valuable insights from our alumni who navigated the challenging path from being employees to establishing their mark as entrepreneurs, tackling financial and emotional hurdles. (Virtual)

SLU eMentors February Speed Networking | Chaifetz Center for Entrepreneurship
College students and local entrepreneurs converge in a dynamic speed networking event, providing a platform for exchanging ideas, honing elevator pitches, and seeking mentorship across diverse professional realms. (In-Person)

February 21

1 Million Cups St. Louis
This event is for local entrepreneurs to meet and present their startups to the innovation community here in St. Louis. (In-Person | CIC @ Sarah)

Attract Customers with Inbound Marketing | Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center
Explore the transformative power of inbound marketing with insights from Rafael Obando, illuminating how tailored content experiences foster customer engagement and brand loyalty for startups. (Virtual)

Introduction to Copyright For Business’ Webinar | Business & IP Centre Liverpool City Region
Jeremy O’Hare leads a webinar illuminating the critical aspects of copyright, from determining eligible works to understanding the nuances of utilizing others’ creations for business advantage. (Virtual)

Lunch & Learn: Anxiety of Brand Building – You CAN DO IT | CIC St. Louis
Venture through the often-untold narratives of brand creation, dissecting the emotional rollercoasters and strategic hurdles with peers who transformed intangible ideas into tangible success stories. (In-Person | CIC @ Sarah)

February Funding Pathways: Introduction to Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFIs) | Grid 110
Delve into the supportive world of CDFIs, where affordable financing and dedicated business support converge to foster equitable community development, guided by experienced professionals in the field. (Virtual)

Start-Up Considerations for Small Business Ventures | NY Public Library, Thomas Yoseloff Business Center
Hear from startup attorneys on the crucial steps to structuring and safeguarding your new business, examining legal strategies and the delicate art of contract negotiation for long-term viability and growth. (Virtual)

Meet the Panelists: Venture Capital & Investing | BALSA Group
Join a panel with Dana Watt of Breakout Ventures, Anna Damato of Kennedy Captial Management, and Kari Miller of BioGenerator to learn about their experience in and path to VC and Life Science Investing. (Virtual)

February 22

Negotiation Skills for Workplace Success | NerdyDiva
Discover the art of workplace negotiation, gaining practical strategies that empower you to confidently approach promotions, resolve disputes, and seal vital deals, ultimately unlocking new horizons in your career path. (Virtual)

The Java Jam allows students to practice networking with professionals. Networking, building relationships, and seeking mentorship are incredibly important for students as they work to create a vision for their business and career. The Java Jam is a fun way for individuals at all points on their entrepreneurial journey to connect, inspire, and share some wisdom with high school students. Students will be from the Design + Entrepreneurship program, Parkway’s Spark! Business incubator, South Tech’s Web and Computer Programming, and CISCO Networking programs. (In-Person | South Tech High School)

2024 Black Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Innovate, Elevate, Empower | USPTO
Immerse yourself in a transformative program where Black entrepreneurs, innovators, and small business owners converge to share expertise on protecting intellectual property, accessing capital, and spearheading business growth. (In-Person | T-REX)

Turbocharge Your RAG Applications with Powerful RAG Analytics | DeepLearning.AI
Learn from insights collated across AI teams to enhance your RAG systems, tackling issues from chunk quality to prompt refinement, and mastering evaluation for streamlined application development. (Virtual)

Marketing Workshop: How to Leverage ChatGPT as a Tool for Your Startup | Skandalaris Center
Tova Feinberg at the Skandalaris Center demystifies the strategic use of ChatGPT for startups, showing how to fine-tune prompts to enhance marketing efforts without stretching financial resources. (In-Person | Skandalaris Center)

ThriveCo Anniversary Party
Marking half a decade of growth, ThriveCo’s anniversary brings together a vibrant community for an evening to toast to collective accomplishments, with light fare and libations fostering connections. (In-Person | ThriveCo)

Founders Lounge | MultiPass Venture Community
Entrepreneurs can enjoy an evening fostering relationships, exchanging stories, and gathering insights. It promotes networking, provides opportunities for potential collaborations, and includes inspirational talks from successful entrepreneurs. (In-Person)

Founders Unplugged STL | TechSTL
Engage with the backbone of Midwest entrepreneurship at Founders Unplugged, where a deep-dive discussion with a successful founder is paired with the chance to connect and unwind in a collaborative atmosphere. (In-Person | T-REX)

February 23

February 23-24 // SCALE Conference | Saint Louis University, University of Missouri-KC, Millikin University
The inaugural SCALE conference brings together academia and industry experts to equip student creatives with entrepreneurial acumen, legal know-how, and financial strategies for flourishing arts careers. (In-Person)

Bourbon Friday at TechArtista Downtown
This very special Bourbon Friday, we will be joined by Greater St. Louis, Inc. and BALSA Foundation to celebrate the return of our friends EDURain from their successes at Techstars Build in Tulsa. And you can join us all at Techartista Downtown for an expanded version of our weekly social gathering celebrating the St. Louis startup scene. Stop by for 3 minutes or 3 hours for more great drinks and better conversations. (In-Person | TechArtista Downtown)

Code Til Dawn
At this inclusive meet-up, individuals passionate about Engineering, Data, Design, and Product can collaborate to work on projects, get mentorship, and network with like-minded individuals, regardless of experience level. (In-Person | Slalom Consultiing)

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