St. Louis Events // Week of January 22, 2024 – Startups, AI, Tech & Marketing

For entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, and marketers in the St. Louis area, the upcoming week of January 22-28 is packed with exciting opportunities. From networking events to skill-building workshops, there’s something to boost every aspect of your career. Get the inside scoop from our Founder, Erik Lutenegger, on the best events and opportunities in St. Louis this week!

ESO, Funding & Accelerator Opportunities

Elevate your business with these opportunities.

Due January 24 // InvestMidwest Pitches
This forum emphasizes the strengths of the Midwest innovation ecosystem, including thriving sectors in food and agriculture, healthcare and life sciences, and financial services, among others. Technology-based, fast-growth companies that currently operate in the Midwest or those that seek to improve the overall well-being of communities in the “fly over” region are encouraged to apply. (VC Networking & Pitch Opportunity)

Due January 31 // 2024 Athene Black & Brown Business Summit | West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce
This competition offers minority-owned businesses an opportunity to win funding and gain exposure. Finalists will pitch their businesses on April 18, 2024, at the Athene Black & Brown Business Summit in West Des Moines, Iowa, with the chance to win a share of over $100,000. Eligibility includes having a 51% minority-owned business, being operational for over two years, and meeting certain size and revenue criteria. Attendance at the summit’s workshops is mandatory for pitching.(Pitch Competition)

Due January 22 // Innovation in Philanthropy Awards 2024 | St. Louis Business Journal
Is your company or organization making a difference in the St. Louis community through an innovative partnership? (Community Awards)

Due January 29 // Skandalaris Venture Competition (SVC) Spring 2024
This program includes Mentorship and prizes up to $25k, and is for any current WashU students, and all WashU alums within one year of graduation with an early-stage startup are eligible. Teams will develop materials to explain the idea they are working on to a broad audience. (Incubator & Pitch Competition)

Due January 31 // BALSA Grant | BALSA Foundation
This program helps first-time entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground. It’s a $1k cash grant, a 10-week entrepreneur training program that includes one-on-one mentoring and up to $20,000 in In-kind professional services. (Incubator & Funding)

Due February 1 // Artist in Residence | Spark St. Louis
Open Call for Spark St. Louis’ next Artist in Residence! (Studio Space)

Due February 2 // STL Startup Week Committee Applications
STL Startup Week is organized primarily by local startup champions, advocates, civic leaders, and founders. This outstanding team of volunteers has continued to make sure STLSW happens annually since 2019. Help us make STLSW 2024 our best year yet! Check out a list of all of the STL Startup Week committee roles that need to be filled. (Community Opportunity)

Due February 4 // HR Awards 2024 | St. Louis Business Journal
The Business Journal’s HR Awards honor exceptional work in human resources, recognizing individuals who significantly contribute to the success of St. Louis-area firms and organizations. The awards focus on HR professionals rather than their companies. Eligibility extends to those based in specific counties in Missouri and Illinois in the St. Louis region. (Community Award)

Due February 7 | MTC Idea Fund
The IDEA Fund makes direct equity-based investments in Missouri’s most promising emerging companies to promote growth and encourage additional future investment. They have 3 programs: the TechLaunch for pre-seed, Seed Capital for the Seed stage, and the Venture Capital Program, which supports technology startups through matching equity or convertible debt investments up to $2,000,000. (Funding)

Free WordPress Speed Optimizations for Non-Profits

Tenacity has officially launched SwingSpan, a Digital Divide program that provides free WordPress Speed Optimizations for Non-profits. So if you are part of a non-profit or know someone who is, and they use WordPress for their website, apply at

Marketing, Tech & Startup Events

Lots of events this week, locally, virtually, and globally.

January 22

AI Essentials for non-tech solopreneurs | Enterprise Nation
Gain insights into artificial intelligence as it pertains to the solopreneurial world. Learn practical applications of AI that could transform your business functions, from customer service to marketing, with straightforward guidance. (Virtual)

Kiva Hub Information Session | WEPOWER
This first of its kind in St. Louis, offers zero interest loans to small business owners and entrepreneurs. (In-Person)

Skandalaris Center Open House | Skandalaris Center
Reacquaint yourself with campus life at the Skandalaris Center, where you can mingle, learn about upcoming happenings, craft a snow globe, and unwind with refreshments and the company of WUPD dogs. (In-Person)

The Trust Equation Masterclass | Network After Work
Embark on a transformative journey through the Trust Equation Masterclass, designed to fill the gaps in your sales pipeline with strategic solutions. Learn to construct an automated system that nurtures prospects and seals deals with efficiency. (Virtual)

January 23

Top 5 Creative Trends for Your 2024 Marketing Strategy | Insider Intelligence
Unlock the secrets of successful marketing in 2024 with’s experts guiding you through emerging creative trends, the increased investment in innovative campaign tools, and the burgeoning role of generative AI. (Virtual)

Financial Planning in the Age of Longevity | NY Public Library, Thomas Yoseloff Business Center
Step into a future where extended lifespans transform retirement planning. Financial guru Ric Edelman will guide you through the nuances of ensuring your wealth endures as long as you do, amidst shifting societal and technological landscapes. (Virtual)

Learn & Earn: Workshop 2 – Launch Your Business with Customer-Focused Marketing | HeyDays HQ
As a new entrepreneur, you’ll need more than good products or services to grow your business. It’s also important to have strong customer-focused marketing strategies to reach your audience and turn them into loyal customers. In this workshop, you will learn how to create a compelling brand, define your audience, convert customers, and build loyalty and advocacy. (Virtual)

Prompt-Engineering for Open-Source LLMs |
Join Sharon Zhou in untangling the complexities of prompt-engineering tailored specifically for open-source LLMs. Discover the unique workflow of RAG and the transparent prompts crucial for maximizing model efficiency. (Virtual)

What Makes a Great Brand | Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center
Dissect the anatomy of powerful branding with Stan Byers and Brian Mann, showcasing how strategic messaging and thoughtful design converge to forge memorable and impactful customer engagements in today’s dynamic business environment. (Virtual)

January 24

January 24-25 // Metaverse Day
Venture through a comprehensive exploration of the Metaverse across two enlightening days, examining its evolution and envisaging its far-reaching impact on society, industry, and personal interaction. (Virtual)

January 24-25 // Virtual Conference: The Year Ahead in Marketing | AMA
Gain a strategic edge for 2024 with a free virtual event that demystifies emergent marketing trends. Leading voices like Meryl Evans and Bennie F. Johnson will provide actionable insights to navigate the evolving digital landscape. (Virtual)

1 Million Cups St. Louis
This event is for local entrepreneurs to meet and present their startups to the innovation community here in St. Louis. Presenters:All Green Cleaning

The Future of Professional Development: Trends and Innovations in Mentoring | Focus St. Louis
Engage with thought leaders as they demystify the transformation of mentoring in a shifting professional landscape, examining its implications for diversity, equity, inclusion, and overall employee well-being. (In-Person)

How to Read Like a Writer (& Become Better at Your Craft!) | CreativeMornings
This interactive session unfolds the secrets to reading with a writer’s eye, offering strategies to deepen literary understanding and invigorate your writing. Engage with stories in novel ways and set purposeful reading goals to inspire your projects. (Virtual)

Marketing Essentials for Small Business 101 | Toronto Small Business Enterprise Centre
Navigate the fundamentals of marketing and advertising with Vicki Waschkowski of Hook Marketing, to sculpt a robust strategy for your small business. This webinar imparts the wisdom to define your brand, reach your target audience, and lay the foundations for sustained customer growth. (Virtual)

Startup Growth Workshop: Essential Elements | Founder Institute
Accelerate your startup’s trajectory with growth expert Craig Zingerline guiding you through robust business modeling, customer engagement, and retention techniques. Empower your team with tools and knowledge for immediate implementation. (Virtual)

Introduction to Lean Startup Webinar | Business & IP Centre Liverpool City Region
This webinar serves as a gateway to understanding the Lean Startup approach, equipping entrepreneurs with the mindset to efficiently innovate, pivot based on customer insights, and streamline the path to a viable product without over-reliance on external funding. (Virtual)

Finance Your Startup with Kiva’s 0% Interest Loan | NYC Department of Small Business Services
Explore the unique opportunity to finance your startup with Kiva’s 0% interest loan, an innovative funding solution that forgoes traditional lending barriers such as credit scores and collateral, instead leveraging your social network’s support in the crowdfunding stage. (Virtual)

Understanding Financial Statements | SCORE Bi-State Region
This workshop provides a basic understanding of business financial statements, including accounting terms, their definition, and basic accounting rules. (Virtual)

January 25

5th Annual Olin Healthcare Symposium – AI AND INNOVATION IN HEALTHCARE | Olin Business School
Witness a compelling synthesis of expertise as healthcare professionals converge to discuss the integration and future potential of artificial intelligence in advancing industry practices and improving patient outcomes. (In-Person & Virtual)

Learn & Earn: Workshop 3 – Make Better Business Decisions with Analytics | HeyDays HQ
Learn best practices and analyze trends about how customers engage with your business online, then turn these insights into well-informed, actionable decisions. (Virtual)

Beyond the First Click: Loading Pages Instantly | Nitropak & Google
Witness firsthand the technological leap in web browsing with Chrome’s latest feature reveal. Delve into the intricacies of instant page loading and its symbiotic relationship with NitroPack, redefining user experiences. (Virtual)

New Year, New Pipeline: Intent Data Strategies for a Healthy and High Performing 2024 | SalesIntel
Kick off the new year with fresh perspectives on refining your sales pipeline through intent data strategies. This webinar equips GTM leaders with tools and actionable insights for optimizing revenue pathways and harmonizing sales and marketing efforts. (Virtual)

How to Navigate Transformative Trends and Power Your Data-Driven Marketing | MarketingProfs
Learn the strategies for leveraging Snowflake’s marketing applications and AI tools to craft hyperpersonalized marketing campaigns while honoring consumer privacy, and establishing a trusted data framework. (Virtual)

T-REX Toast To Justin Donathan

January 25th, 4-6 pm @ T-REX (5th floor Bar)

With the untimely passing of Justin Donathan, please join T-REX and other community members on to raise a toast to his life.

Justin Donathan Memorial Fund
A GoFundMe has been set up to raise money for Justin’s family.

WE Master Money: Negotiating with Creditors | WE NYC
Navigate the complexities of managing debt with confidence in this workshop, where you’ll learn effective strategies for negotiating with creditors. Gain insights into credit repair and the long-term impacts of settlements on your financial health. (Virtual)

Innovation Activation: The Why of You | Skandalaris Center
The Skandalaris Center presents an enlightening session that invites students to immerse themselves in design thinking and practical application, guided by Ellie Scott’s expertise in aligning personal purpose with branding strategies. (In-Person)

Canvas to Commerce | TechArtista Foundation
Immerse in the vibrant TechArtista community during Canvas to Commerce’s happy hour, featuring culinary delights, handcrafted cocktails, and updates from the pulsing heart of local entrepreneurship and creative ventures. (In-Person)

Leadership Perspectives: 6 executives. 60 ideas. 60 minutes. | Olin Business School
Witness a whirlwind of leadership acumen as six distinguished executives deliver sixty powerful ideas in just sixty minutes, leaving you equipped with a trove of practical insights to implement in your own leadership practice. (In-Person)

Founders Lounge | Multipass Venture Community
Entrepreneurs can enjoy an evening fostering relationships, exchanging stories, and gathering insights. It promotes networking, provides opportunities for potential collaborations, and includes inspirational talks from successful entrepreneurs. (In-Person)

January 26

Marketing Tools of Tomorrow | Lunch and Learn Series | Social Media Club
Ignite your marketing acumen at this monthly Lunch and Learn, where expert speakers unravel the latest social media trends and techniques, fostering an ecosystem of growth, ideas, and professional connections. (Virtual)

WashU Maker Resource Fair
Engage with the pulse of creativity at WashU’s showcase of maker and tech resources, featuring tactile demonstrations, the latest in creative technology, and a community-rich environment that promises games, gastronomy, and university pride. (In-Person)

Filament Friday | Filament Friday
Spend the day with the Filament team with opportunities to pick their brains, brainstorm solutions to some of your personal work challenges, and co-work in a unique space with other cool people. ((Virtual)

Bourbon Friday at TechArtista Downtown
It’s Friday, and it’s not Friday without Bourbon Friday. And you can join us at Techartista Downtown for our weekly social gathering celebrating the St. Louis startup scene. Stop by for 3 minutes or 3 hours for more great drinks and better conversations. (In-Person)

January 27

Anniversary Celebration | St. Louis African Chamber of Commerce
Experience an evening honoring eight years of achievements as the African Chamber of Commerce marks its influence in the community with a reception, dinner, and award recognitions. (In-Person)

The Fashion Tour + Night Market | FWRDSociety
This city-wide initiative, with the goal of supporting BIPOC fashion designers and small businesses. There will be dozens of interesting new brands to shop throughout the day. And a Night Market to shop that evening. The event is free and open to the public. (In-Person)

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