St. Louis Events // Week of March 25, 2024 – Startups, AI, Tech & Marketing

Entrepreneurs, tech buffs, and marketing pros in St. Louis prepare for an exciting week ahead from March 25-31. Erik Lutenegger, our founder, brings you a curated lineup of events and opportunities to enhance your professional network, skillset, and enjoyment in the vibrant local ecosystem.

Fueling Ambition: Grants, Awards, and Accelerators

Find funds and get recognized for your achievements with these opportunities.

Due March 22 // Inc. 5000
The Inc. 5000 awards honor America’s fastest-growing private companies based on three-year revenue growth. It’s a prestigious list by Inc. magazine, highlighting entrepreneurial success, innovation, and leadership across industries, offering visibility, credibility, and networking opportunities to the ranked companies. (International Award)

Due March 29 // Washington University Innovation & Entrepreneurship Awards Nominations
These awards recognize outstanding achievements and contributions. Nominations are open to students, faculty, staff, and community members. They can be made in four categories: Excellence in Innovation – Student, Excellence in Entrepreneurship – Venture, Outstanding Mentorship – Faculty or Staff, and Outstanding Mentorship – Community. (Community Awards)

Due March 29 // SLU New Venture Accelerator | Chaifetz Center for Entrepreneurship
This program supports SLU founders with funding, resources, and guidance to turn their ideas into reality. It offers a 14-week summer program tailored to each cohort, focusing on various aspects of business development and culminates with a demo day for pitches to investors and partners. Eligible participants can receive equity-free investments up to $50,000 (Accelerator)

Due March 29 // Arch Grants Competition
It’s almost that time of year, and Arch Grants is now a $75,000 non-dilutive grant with tons of resources. They also provide $25k in moving expenses if you are moving here. Get a reminder straight to your inbox. (Grant Reminder)

Due March 31 // Amber Grant – Food & Beverage Business
The Amber Grant for Women in the Food & Beverage category awards a $10,000 grant annually to support women-owned businesses in this industry, including restaurants, catering, food trucks, and beverage companies. This initiative aims to empower female entrepreneurs by providing financial assistance to grow their businesses and make a positive impact in the food and beverage sector.

Due March 31 // HerRise MicroGrant
This program supports women of color entrepreneurs in the U.S. by offering $1,000 grants to help grow their businesses. These grants can be used for business needs like buying equipment or marketing. Applicants must own a company that’s at least 51% women of color owned, registered in the US, and earning less than $1 million in gross revenue. (Grant)

Due April 5 // Missouri Startup Weekend
Missouri Startup Weekend is an event for entrepreneurs to pitch ideas, form teams, and start businesses in just three days. It’s open to anyone interested in startups, not limited to tech. Participants can work on new or existing projects, with tickets covering the event’s essentials. The goal is to foster startup creation through a supportive, immersive experience. (Hackathon)

Due April 16 // Physical Infrastructure Grant Program | Missouri Technology Corporation
This aims to provide accessible physical infrastructure for entrepreneurs in Missouri. It supports flexible commercial spaces, sector-specific facilities, and infrastructure that fosters community entrepreneurship. The program offers funding up to $200,000 or 25% of an organization’s annual operating expenses, targeting nonprofit research and entrepreneurial support organizations in Missouri. (Grant)

Free WordPress Speed Optimizations for Non-Profits

Tenacity has officially launched SwingSpan, a Digital Divide program that provides free WordPress Speed Optimizations for Non-profits. So if you are part of a non-profit or know someone who is, and they use WordPress for their website, apply at

Innovative Horizons: Exploring Tech, AI, and Entrepreneurial Events

Immerse yourself in a world where startup dynamism meets AI innovation, with events that offer groundbreaking insights and networking opportunities to shape the future of tech and marketing.

March 25

TechSTL Takeover at Spark Coworking | TechSTL
TechSTL is hosting a series of events for its members, who will have free access to co-working spaces in the top innovation district hubs in St Louis. There will be a spooky Halloween Networking Breakfast on Tuesday and a Pizza Lunch on Friday. This is a members-only event. But there’s still time to sign up. (In-Person | Spark Coworking – St. Louis)

How to use generative AI to grow your business | Enterprise Nation
Explore the transformative power of generative AI in business during a concise webinar led by Sam Onigbanjo, a seasoned business coach. Gain insights into creating impactful generative imagery, solving marketing dilemmas, and generating extensive social media content. (Virtual)

Search Engine Optimization Part 1: The Basics | SCORE Bi-State Region
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful way for you to help more potential customers find out about your business. This session covers basic SEO concepts & techniques in this workshop. (Virtual)

The Future of Cities 2024 | St. Louis Business Journal
Join futurist and urbanist Richard Florida for an enlightening discourse on the evolution of cities, uncovering emerging themes like the suburban boom, educational institutions’ role in cultivating future talent, and manufacturing’s resurgence across the nation. (Virtual)

Master the Pitch: Deck Review | Techstars
Engage with Techstars professionals in a practical workshop focused on refining pitch decks, understanding investor priorities, and demonstrating your startup’s potential through effective storytelling and data presentation.(Virtual)

March 26

March 26-28 // Adobe Summit: The Digital Experience Conference | Adobe
At this digital experience conference, attendees will explore the future of customer experience through sessions with top industry figures, focusing on generative AI and personalization.(Virtual)

2024 IC-CAE Conference on Artificial Intelligence and National Security
Industry and government leaders converge to discuss AI’s national security implications, with innovative sessions including AI as a panelist, and opportunities for career advancement in intelligence and defense. (In-Person | Saint Louis University)

Balancing Human Skill with AI | Enterprise University
Unravel the secrets of harnessing AI’s power to deliver intelligent, immersive, and hyper-personalized experiences that empower employees and drive organizational excellence in the era of artificial intelligence. (Virtual)

Content innovation and agility: Building an AI-first infrastructure | AMA – Social Media & AI Bootcamp Series 2024
Dive into digital marketing with the Social Media & AI Bootcamp Series, where participants learn to leverage AI tools for social media strategy, enhancing engagement and analytics. This session is “Content innovation and agility: Building an AI-first infrastructure”(Virtual)

Square One – Build Your Business Plan | Midcontinent Public Library
In this five-week activity-based workshop, participants will learn how to create a business plan using Gale’s Plan Builder database. During this week, you’ll go over what you are planning for. Some businesses use plans for internal purposes, and others use them for getting bank loans or investors. Participants will also learn how to structure their business plan for the right audience. (Virtual)

How to Optimize Your Video Marketing Strategy | American Marketing Association
This webinar, led by Vimeo’s Dane Hagemann, will navigate the evolving landscape of video marketing, offering strategies to engage audiences, maximize marketing impact, and measure ROI with video content. (Virtual)

March 27

1 Million Cups St. Louis
This event is for local entrepreneurs to meet and present their startups to the innovation community here in St. Louis. (In-Person | CIC @ Sarah)

Create A Beautiful Brand From Scratch | CreativeMornings
Embark on a transformative journey with brand strategist Phil as he guides you through the tangible steps of crafting an outstanding brand identity, from robust positioning to dynamic visuals, leveraging Adobe Express for hands-on learning. (Virtual)

Coffee talks at 21c: A Stronger Foundation | 21c Museum Hotel St. Louis
Uncover the ripple effect of investing in youth mentorship as Gentlemen of Vision share insights on how nurturing the city’s young men of color catalyzes positive change across individuals, families, and neighborhoods. (In-Person | 21c)

Mental Health for Small Business: Where, Why, and How | Toronto Small Business Enterprise Centre
Discover the pivotal role of mental health in entrepreneurial success, learning about balance, mental health investment returns, and healthy workplace cultures in this enlightening webinar. (Virtual)

Cookie Deprecation Has Begun. Now What? | Insider Intelligence
In this insightful session, participants will learn about programmatic advertising’s trajectory post-cookie deprecation, including automation’s influence and spending patterns, featuring analysis by industry experts Evelyn Mitchell-Wolf, EMARKETER and Vitaly Pecherskiy, StackAdapt. (Virtual)

Financial Tips for Entrepreneurs | St. Louis County Library
This is the first of a four-part series where financial experts will discuss how small business owners should prepare themselves and their businesses for business loans. Adults. (In-Person | Lewis & Clark Branch)

How to Use AI to Uplevel Your LinkedIn Game | Network After Work
Unlock the transformative power of AI to revolutionize your LinkedIn strategy, from streamlining content creation to crafting compelling outreach messages that forge genuine connections and amplify your thought leadership. (Virtual)

ConnectHer Networking Experience for Women | Holly’s Curated Experiences
This curated experience is for women who are interested in fostering connections and building community. Complimentary cocktails, light appetizers, and headshots will be provided. (In-Person | HeyDays HQ)

StartupSTL Ecosystem 101 at NEEC | TechSTL
This is an in-depth exploration of the resources available to St. Louis’s burgeoning business community, covering everything from funding options to vital support networks and programs. (In-Person | Northside Economic Empowerment Center)

2024 BALSA Spring Awards Ceremony
It’s that time of year again when the newest cohort of entrepreneurs join the BALSA Family. This event will be an evening filled with networking opportunities, inspiring stories, and the chance to connect with fellow supporters and entrepreneurs who share a passion for driving positive change through innovation. (In-Person | Cortex @ Sarah)

How to Come Up with Great Startup Ideas | Founder Institute
This workshop focuses on developing effective startup ideas, featuring expert advice from the Founder Institute’s co-founder and interactive sessions for sharing and critiquing ideas with fellow entrepreneurs. (Virtual)

March 28

Painting the Tech Business Model Canvas | Missouri SBDC
This 6-week online offering will introduce technology start-ups to the steps necessary for developing a business model canvas for their early concept. This includes a framework that focuses on discovering the customer problems in the space where their potential solution may live. In addition, this course will include steps to develop a value proposition that fulfills the customers’ needs and differentiates them in the marketplace. (Virtual)

How to Use Sales Funnels & Marketing Automation to Grow Your Business | SCORE
Elevate your marketing strategies with a masterclass on harnessing sales funnels and automation tools to drive conversions, boost efficiency, and gain valuable insights into your business’s performance through data-driven KPI tracking. (Virtual)

Beyond One-Time Use: Extending Content Shelf Life With AI in Marketing | MarketingProfs
Join Kelly Cheng and Jeffrey Thomas as they guide you through practical tips for crafting customer narratives, distilling webinars into bite-sized content, and revolutionizing your B2B marketing approach to ensure every content asset delivers maximum value and engagement. (Virtual)

Dreams to Dollars Speaker Series: Elevating Your Pitch From Trash to Straight Cash | Texas Southern University
Harness the power of a killer pitch that leaves no room for doubt with Precious L. Williams’ masterclass on crafting concise, high-impact narratives that resonate, persuade, and convert prospects into customers. (Virtual)

Founders Unplugged STL | TechSTL
Engage with the backbone of Midwest entrepreneurship at Founders Unplugged, where a deep-dive discussion with a successful founder is paired with the chance to connect and unwind in a collaborative atmosphere. (In-Person | T-REX)

IdeaBounce® | Skandalaris Center
This is a chance to pitch your business idea, get feedback from local entrepreneurial leaders, and make connections. Collaborate in a supportive learning environment and make connections with local students and industry leaders. Cash prizes for the top ideas will be awarded. (In-Person | Skandalaris Center)

Founders Lounge | MultiPass Venture Community
Entrepreneurs can enjoy an evening fostering relationships, exchanging stories, and gathering insights. It promotes networking, provides opportunities for potential collaborations, and includes inspirational talks from successful entrepreneurs. (In-Person | Aloft St. Louis)

African Women in Healthcare Forum | St. Louis African Chamber of Commerce
This event recognizes the crucial contributions of African immigrant women in healthcare, illustrating their disproportionate representation in the sector, reflecting on their achievements, and discussing their challenges and opportunities. (In-Person | World Community Center)

March 29

AI + Design Symposium: Learning from AI | Sam Fox School
Delve into the intersections of AI and design at this symposium, where experts discuss the creative and analytical facets of AI in design, offering insights into its transformative impact on the design process. (In-Person | Kuehner Court, Anabeth and John Weil Hall)

MadeHER Women’s HERstory Tea | HSSU Center of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Celebrate Women’s History Month at this event, where female leaders and entrepreneurs share inspiring success stories in a festive, tea-themed luncheon, fostering a community of empowerment and innovation. (In-Person | Vue 17: A Modern Broadcast & Event Center)

Microbusiness Socials | Neighborhood Innovation Center
Wrap up your month with reflection and connection at Urban Eats. Celebrate progress, exchange ideas, and learn from each other’s journeys. (In-Person | Neighborhood Innovation Center)

Bourbon Friday at TechArtista Downtown
It’s Friday, and it’s not Friday without Bourbon Friday. And you can join us at Techartista Downtown for our weekly social gathering celebrating the St. Louis startup scene. Stop by for 3 minutes or 3 hours for more great drinks and better conversations. (In-Person | TechArtista Downtown)

March 30

AI + Human Content Creation Workflows in WordPress | The St. Louis WordPress Community
Gain invaluable insights into optimizing your WordPress content creation process by automating repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on high-value creative and strategic efforts powered by AI integration. (In-Person & Virtual)

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