St. Louis Events // Week of March 4, 2024 – Startups, AI, Tech & Marketing

Mark your calendars for the week of March 4-10 if you’re in the St. Louis tech, entrepreneurial, or marketing scene. Erik Lutenegger, our Founder, has prepared a curated list of events and opportunities that promise to connect, educate, and inspire. Take advantage of these great opportunities for St. Louis Entrepreneurs, Marketers, and Tech!

ESO, Funding & Accelerator

Take your business to a new level with these opportunities.

Rolling Applications // CIE Volunteer HSSU | The Center of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
CIE invites individuals to contribute to innovation and community empowerment in St. Louis. By participating, volunteers can lead workshops, support community engagement, and assist in events, enhancing their skills and making a significant impact. This opportunity fosters personal and professional growth within a supportive community. (Volunteer Opportunity)

​Rolling Applications // Ready! Set! Launch! | Urban League St. Louis Women’s Business Center
This 10-week online small business development program, offered in spring, summer, and fall, is designed to educate and empower aspiring and established entrepreneurs through three tiered levels focusing on business ideation, preparation, and growth strategies, including professional development, financial management, and marketing. (Incubator)

Due March 6 // Techstars Accelerator
Applications are due for Workforce Development. (Accelerator)

Due March 8 // Inno Madness | St. Louis Business Journal
This bracket-style competition by Inno spotlights the innovation, tech, and startup community. Nominated local startups compete in a six-round voting contest by readers to crown the Inno Madness Winner, fostering city ecosystem awareness. (Community Contest)

Due March 22 // Inc. 5000
The Inc. 5000 awards honor America’s fastest-growing private companies based on three-year revenue growth. It’s a prestigious list by Inc. magazine, highlighting entrepreneurial success, innovation, and leadership across industries, offering visibility, credibility, and networking opportunities to the ranked companies. (International Award)

Due March 29 // SLU New Venture Accelerator | Chaifetz Center for Entrepreneurship
This program supports SLU founders with funding, resources, and guidance to turn their ideas into reality. It offers a 14-week summer program tailored to each cohort, focusing on various aspects of business development and culminates with a demo day for pitches to investors and partners. Eligible participants can receive equity-free investments up to $50,000 (Accelerator)

Due March 29 // Arch Grants Competition
It’s almost that time of year, and Arch Grants is now a $75,000 non-dilutive grant with tons of resources. They also provide $25k in moving expenses if you are moving here. Get a reminder straight to your inbox. (Grant Reminder)

Due April 5 // Missouri Startup Weekend
Missouri Startup Weekend is an event for entrepreneurs to pitch ideas, form teams, and start businesses in just three days. It’s open to anyone interested in startups, not limited to tech. Participants can work on new or existing projects, with tickets covering the event’s essentials. The goal is to foster startup creation through a supportive, immersive experience. (Hackathon)

Free WordPress Speed Optimizations for Non-Profits

Tenacity has officially launched SwingSpan, a Digital Divide program that provides free WordPress Speed Optimizations for Non-profits. So if you are part of a non-profit or know someone who is, and they use WordPress for their website, apply at

Marketing, Technology & Entrepreneur Events

We have a vibrant schedule of events this week, spanning virtual workshops to in-person networking sessions, each designed to foster innovation, skill enhancement, and community building among professionals.

March 4

Time management for female entrepreneurs | Enterprise Nation
Harnessing the expertise of a respected digital marketing strategist, the session promises to equip female entrepreneurs with time management tools, prioritization wisdom, and productivity-enhancing tactics, fostering professional growth and balance. (Virtual)

The State of Fundraising Venture Capital in 2024 | Founder Institute
Kevin Siskar of Finta and Ryan O’Conor of Carta dissect the intricacies of VC fundraising in 2024, analyzing the climate for entrepreneurs, implications of market resets, and strategies for successful capital procurement. (Virtual)

Social Media Strategy Q&A for Frustrated Content Creators | CreativeMornings
Creators gain confidence and clarity in their social media endeavors through a candid Q&A session, where Lucas O’Keefe sheds light on effective content strategies and audience interaction enhancements. (Virtual)

March 5

March 5-7 // Nonprofit Marketing Summit: The Unthinkable
During a transformative three-day virtual summit, nonprofit visionaries delve into creative strategies for organizational growth, engaging with peers and thought leaders to reimagine mission achievement. (Virtual)

Creating Impact in an Exponential World with Anne Connelly | The Exponential Opportunity: Cortex & Singularity’s AI Innovation Leadership Program
Missouri professionals embark on a six-week journey, deepening their understanding of AI’s transformative impact through expert-led workshops, designed to foster strategic innovation across industries. (Virtual)

Social Media Marketing Webinar | NYC Department of Small Business Services
This immersive course guides entrepreneurs through the nuances of social media, equipping them with strategies to choose the right platforms, create resonant content, and employ effective management tools. (Virtual)

We Are Cortex Reception Lunch | Cortex
Meet and celebrate these featured Cortex colleagues over lunch as they feature some of the District businesses and also introduce you to the newest members of CIC’s Social Impact Cohort. (In-Person | CIC @ 4240 Duncan)

Techstars Corporate Partnerships: Pathways to Success | Techstars
Dialogue and discovery merge as leaders in innovation explore the potent synergy of accelerator partnerships, offering a platform for network expansion and facilitation of organizational advancement.(Virtual)

Financial Planning for Freelancers | Freelancers Hub
This event provides freelancers with a roadmap to financial stability, with a focus on navigating irregular incomes, strategizing tax commitments, and seizing investment prospects for a secure future. (Virtual)

March 6

March 6-8 // 4th Annual Presentation Design Conference | CreativePro
As presentation design rapidly evolves, this conference offers designers a platform to hone their skills, from weaving storytelling into slides to mastering new software and tools for audience engagement. (Virtual)

1 Million Cups St. Louis
This event is for local entrepreneurs to meet and present their startups to the innovation community here in St. Louis. (In-Person | CIC @ Sarah)

Government Contracting 101 | Apex Accelerators of Missouri – University of Missouri (MU) Extension
This foundational class offers a thorough introduction to government contracting, enabling attendees to navigate, research, and connect with the government marketplace, leaving with actionable tools and a clear trajectory to secure contracts. (Virtual)

Virtual Conference: Customer Experience | American Marketing Association
Dive into a virtual landscape where customer experience is the cornerstone of marketing strategy. Learn from industry leaders about integrating CX for a transformative marketing approach, and engage with marketers keen on forging deeper audience connections. (Virtual)

Setup and Optimize Your Online Sales | WE NYC
Navigate the intricacies of launching an online sales presence in an interactive workshop led by Malla Haridat of New Designs for Life. As you craft your first sales page, you’ll sidestep common pitfalls and discover budget-friendly tools tailored for a successful start. (Virtual)

Research Report Rookie: A Step-by-Step Process from Data to Draft | Moz
Experience the transformative process from data collection to crafting engaging narratives in a research report. Step-by-step, embrace techniques to distill compelling topics and draft reports that boost visibility, attract backlinks, and draw substantial traffic. (Virtual)

Obtaining Business Credit | SCORE – St. Louis Bi-State Region
In this workshop, business owners will learn the value of creditworthiness and how to maintain a good business credit score. They’ll also discover the documents necessary to make a successful application for a business loan. (Virtual)

How and Why Marketplaces and Retailers Should Build Ad Operations In-House. | Insider Intelligence
Investigate how marketplaces and retailers amplify their ventures by integrating ad operations within their internal structure. Insights reveal the fusion of ad expertise and cross-functional teamwork nurtures substantial revenue growth and enriched customer connections. (Virtual)

Hello, My Name Is Awesome: How To Create Brand Names That Stick! | NY Public Library, Thomas Yoseloff Business Center
Step into the world of resonant brand names with Alexandra Watkins, and learn the secrets behind names that win customer loyalty, and explore a robust framework to assess name strength. (Virtual)

March 7

Got R&D Money? Top Tips for Funding R&D with Grants | Missouri SBDC
Gain insight into fueling R&D projects through grant funding with an introductory session on SBIR grants. It provides a roadmap for identifying research avenues within governmental agencies and offers additional support resources for grant application processes. (Virtual)

LinkedIn™ Deep Dive: Jump-Start Your Profile Today | Enterprise University
Navigate the nuanced tactics of prospecting on LinkedIn to enhance your professional presence. This session illuminates how to integrate regular updates and strategic interactions into daily routines, thereby boosting referrals and business growth. (Virtual)

Building Production-Grade LLM Apps | DeepLearning.AI
Technical experts from Pinecone and TruEra will share insights on advancing LLM apps from prototypes to production-grade. They will address app trustworthiness, ensuring reliability, accuracy, and safety in real-world applications. (Virtual)

How Digital Marketers Should Prepare for 3rd-Party Cookie Deprecation | American Marketing Association
Industry authorities from ObservePoint unveil the future of digital marketing without 3rd-party cookies. Attendees will grasp the technical underpinnings, predicted impacts, and proactive measures necessary for a seamless transition. (Virtual)

Empowering Founders and Innovation | Techstars
Gain a comprehensive understanding of what Techstars offers to aspiring entrepreneurs through their accelerator programs, from meticulous mentorship to crucial resources and networking opportunities that propel startup ventures forward. (Virtual)

Founder Fundamentals: Pitching with Confidence | Arch Grants
At the core of entrepreneurial success lies a compelling pitch. Learn from successful startup founders how to captivate investors by conveying your business’s uniqueness, clarity of model, and presenting with assured conviction. (In-Person | Delmar Divine)

STL SHINE Happy Hour | Erin Joy
Delight in an evening where STL’s female entrepreneurs and leaders converge for meaningful conversations and networking. This carefully crafted gathering shines a light on the collective brilliance of women in business on the cusp of International Women’s Day. (In-Person | Café la Vie)

Leadership Perspectives: 2024 She Suite | Olin Business School
WashU Olin celebrates International Women’s Day with a dynamic She Suite panel discussion featuring influential women leaders. Hear stories of overcoming obstacles, lessons on inclusion, and visions for a more equitable future in the business realm. (In-Person | Knight Hall, Emerson Auditorium)

Skandalaris Venture Competition Semifinal | Skandalaris Center
This evening unfolds in an animated showcase of innovation with an engaging blend of networking, appetizers, and audience-participative pitches, culminating in the evening’s climax: the SVC finalist reveal. (In-Person | Umrath Lounge in Umrath Hall)

Open House & Alumni Night | Claim Academy
Come join this open house and learn about all the great things happening at Claim Academy (In-Person | Claim Academy)

Founders Lounge | MultiPass Venture Community
Entrepreneurs can enjoy an evening fostering relationships, exchanging stories, and gathering insights. It promotes networking, provides opportunities for potential collaborations, and includes inspirational talks from successful entrepreneurs. Fireside Chat with Laura Burkemper, CEO of SCALEBLAZER™ (In-Person | Aloft St. Louis)

March 8

Content Marketing Friday Forum | MarketingProfs
Examine AI’s influence on content marketing, from enhancing strategy to ensuring effective governance, while getting actionable insights for harnessing AI, boosting the relevance of your content, and preparing your marketing team for future trends. (Virtual)

Bourbon Friday at TechArtista UCity
It’s Friday, and it’s not Friday without Bourbon Friday. And you can join us at Techartista UCity for our weekly social gathering celebrating the St. Louis startup scene. Stop by for 3 minutes or 3 hours for more great drinks and better conversations. (In-Person | TechArtista University City)

March 9

Introduction to Social Media Platforms for Small Business | Business & IP Centre Liverpool City Region
Unlock the secrets to social media success for small businesses by delving into the strategic use of Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Engage with customers, grow your brand, and witness the transformation in sales through the power of focused online presence. (Virtual)

ProductCamp St. Louis 2024
ProductCamp offers a unique un-conference setting for a community of product-focused individuals to contribute their insights, propel discussions, and network, enhancing skills and fostering innovation within the field. (In-Person)

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