St. Louis Events // Week of May 6, 2024 – Startups, AI, Tech & Marketing

Attention entrepreneurs, techies, and marketers in the St. Louis region! Our vibrant ecosystem is brimming with opportunities during the week of May 6-12. From networking to skill development and beyond, our Founder, Erik Lutenegger, has curated a comprehensive guide to the must-attend events that will elevate your professional and personal ventures.

Accelerate Your Business Success with Funding, ESO, and Accelerator Opportunities

Ignite your St. Louis startup’s trajectory by tapping into a comprehensive selection of funding prospects, accelerator programs, and entrepreneurial support organization (ESO) initiatives. Whether you seek financial backing, expert guidance, or a supportive community, this curated list offers a wealth of resources to nurture your business’s growth.

Open Now // SQ1 Ignite | Cortex Innovation Community
This four-week program was created to help founders quickly start their business model validation process. Emphasizing the business model canvas, this process introduces entrepreneurs to the local support ecosystem, challenges them to form and test assumptions about their business idea, connects them with mentors, and helps them identify the crucial next steps in launching their business.

Due May 7 // Founders Lounge Startup Grant
This $1000 grant is an opportunity to help you get your venture started or extend your runway with cash in your pocket. Whether it’s for product development, marketing efforts, or simply refining your pitch – this grant could be the game-changer you’ve been waiting for. (Grant)

Due May 8 // MTC Idea Fund
The IDEA Fund makes direct equity-based investments in Missouri’s most promising emerging companies to promote growth and encourage additional future investment. They have 3 programs: the TechLaunch for pre-seed, Seed Capital for the Seed stage, and the Venture Capital Program, which supports technology startups through matching equity or convertible debt investments up to $2,000,000. (Funding)

Due May 12 // Schnucks Springboard
In partnership with the Mid-States Minority Supplier Development Council, this program offers a 10-week business accelerator starting in August 2024. It targets diverse-owned businesses, providing $5,000 in funding, business development classes, in-store product trials, and networking opportunities. (Accelerator)

Due May 22 // Techstars Accelerator
Applications are due for ABN AMRO + Future of Finance, Build in Tulsa, Alabama EnergyTech, Anywhere Remote, Boston, Columbus Powered by OSU, Deep Tech Berlin, Economic Mobility Powered by Samvid Ventures, Future of Food Powered by EcolabLondon, New York City, Physical Health Fort Worth, San Diego powered by SDSU, San Francisco, Space, Sustainability Paris, Tech Central Sydney powered by the NSW Government, Tel Aviv, WaterTech & Sustainability, , Powered by J.P. Morgan: Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York City, and Washington DC. (Accelerator)

Due May 31 // Venture-Ready Missouri | Cortex Innovation District & Capital Innovators
The Venture Ready Missouri program, supported by the Missouri Technology Corporation, provides a two-part course designed to help Missouri-based startups attract venture funding. It features virtual classes focused on funding strategies and pitch development, all offered at no cost to participants. (Venture Programming)

Free WordPress Speed Optimizations for Non-Profits

Tenacity has officially launched SwingSpan, a Digital Divide program that provides free WordPress Speed Optimizations for Non-profits. So if you are part of a non-profit or know someone who is, and they use WordPress for their website, apply at

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Upcoming Technology, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship Events

Expand your professional horizons with these technology, marketing, and entrepreneurship events in St. Louis. From workshops to networking gatherings, opportunities await.

May 6

Franchise Ownership: An Introduction | St. Louis County Library
Franchising may be the right opportunity to own or operate a small business. Join this session for a general overview of the industry and how it operates, the pros and cons of being a franchisor, and how to begin research and due diligence. (In-Person | Daniel Boone Branch)

Assembly Series and Fireside Chat with Jennifer Pahlka | WashU Digital Transformation
This event features a dialogue with Jennifer Pahlka, focusing on the challenges and successes of digital strategies in public sectors. From her book “Recoding America,” she draws parallels to her real-world impact on healthcare and government transparency through technological innovations. (In-Person | Eric P. Newman Education Center)

May 7

How to get more views and leads with video SEO | Enterprise Nation
Unlock the potential of video SEO in this dynamic session, where Jeremy Mason will guide participants through effective strategies to increase video views and generate leads, enhancing visibility and business growth through search engine optimization. (Virtual)

2024 Digital Engagement Benchmarks | American Marketing Association
Unlock the potential of video SEO in this dynamic session, where Jeremy Mason will guide participants through effective strategies to increase video views and generate leads, enhancing visibility and business growth through search engine optimization. (Virtual)

Pick My Brain: From SEO to AI, Here’s Answers to 80% of Challenges from My Consulting Calls | NP Digital
In this interactive webinar, Neil Patel addresses common marketing hurdles and offers actionable solutions, drawing from his extensive consulting experience. Participants will gain insights into improving web traffic and sales conversions using SEO and AI technologies. (Virtual)

Cultivating Leadership and Connection in the Workplace | Enterprise University
Take your leadership and team-building abilities to new heights by assessing your current leadership stage, acquiring powerful connecting strategies to enhance your leadership and team cohesion, and assessing your workplace culture to pinpoint opportunities for positive change. (Virtual)

Social Media 101 | SCORE Bi-State Region
Discover the power of social media to unlock new customer bases, expand your online presence, and drive unprecedented growth. Learn how to boost your follower count and enhance engagement through likes, shares, comments, and retweets. (Virtual)

Social Means Business, Serious Business: Driving Resilience Through Social Business Transformation | MarTech
Deloitte Digital’s webinar delves into the pivotal role of social media in business growth, showcasing how social-first strategies significantly enhance brand and customer interactions, with tangible increases in revenue. (Virtual)

STL Queer Tech Gathering at Nebula | TechSTL
TechSTL’s Queer Tech Affinity Group hosts this networking event, celebrating Queer Innovation in St. Louis. Enjoy complimentary drinks, snacks, and insightful chats with tech thought leaders. (In-Person | Nebula)

Largest Speed Networking Event in STL | St. Louis Small Business Monthly
Experience high-energy networking with St. Louis’s business community in a speed networking format designed to foster quick and effective connections. Participants will have the opportunity to meet a wide array of professionals within a concise timeframe. (In-Person | St. Charles Convention Center)

Creative success–on your own terms | CreativeMornings
Redefine creative success on your own terms in this immersive FieldTrip. Through strengths-based community invitations, inspirational quotes, and thought-provoking writing prompts, you’ll embark on a journey of self-discovery, clarifying what creative fulfillment truly means to you beyond external validation. (Virtual)

Beyond engagement: Drive real-business impact with social media | AMA – Social Media & AI Bootcamp Series 2024
Dive into digital marketing with the Social Media & AI Bootcamp Series, where participants learn to leverage AI tools for social media strategy, enhancing engagement and analytics. This session is “Beyond engagement: Drive real-business impact with social media” (Virtual)

May 8

1 Million Cups St. Louis
This event is for local entrepreneurs to meet and present their startups to the innovation community here in St. Louis. Presenters: Veterans for All Voters (In-Person)

Accelerate Your Growth In 2024: Top Digital Strategies Uncovered From 5000+ Nonprofits | Community Boost
Learn from the successes of over 5,000 nonprofits in an enlightening webinar led by Candace Cody. Explore transformative digital strategies that can significantly enhance your nonprofit’s engagement and growth in the digital era. (Virtual)

Creative Collective: E-Mail Marketing Magic: Is There Such A Thing? | Nonprofit Marketers Network-STL
Struggling to make sense of your e-mail marketing data? Join this collaborative session where you’ll have the opportunity to share your open and click-through rates, and collectively uncover any trends or “magic” related to subject lines, preview text, send times, and more. (In-Person | Guardian Angel Settlement Association)

How to Come Up with Great Startup Ideas | Founder Institute
This workshop provides aspiring entrepreneurs tools to consistently discover compelling startup ideas, using methods refined by the experiences of over 10,000 startups, along with opportunities for networking and feedback. (Virtual)

Techstars Physical Health | Ask Me Anything – ft. Alumni – Kristen Carbone & Sat Ramphal | TechStars
Dive into the nuances of launching a successful startup in health tech with Techstars’ “Ask Me Anything” session. Join Kristen Carbone and Sat Ramphal as they share invaluable insights from their journey in the Techstars Physical Health program. (Virtual)

StartupSTL Ecosystem 101 at Heydays | TechSTL
Explore the St. Louis startup scene with “Ecosystem 101” at Heydays, where industry experts share a roadmap for small business success, including funding advice, mentorship opportunities, and upcoming business development programs. (In-Person | Heydays HQ)

May 9

10 Years of Empowering Hispanic Women | Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan St. Louis
Celebrate and empower Hispanic women at the annual Hispanic Working Women event, featuring inspirational talks and networking. Join keynote speaker Lusnail Haberberger for an evening of empowerment at Busch Stadium. (In-Person | Cardinals Nation Hall of Fame Club)

How AI is changing the future of work: a conversation with expert academics | Slack
Slack hosts an engaging discussion on AI’s transformative role in the workplace with experts from prestigious institutions. Gain insights into how AI technologies are being designed and implemented to enhance productivity and maintain human-centered values. (Virtual)

Geosaurus Unleashed | T-REX
Experience the convergence of art, watersheds, and geospatial information at our special lunchtime event. Explore the captivating Watershed Cairns art exhibit showcasing large-scale images of found-glass cairn sculptures along the Mississippi River Watershed. Enjoy a free lunch and networking while supporting local T-REX-based businesses. (In-Person | T-REX)

How to Leverage AI for Effective Marketing (Without Losing the Human Touch) | Marketing AI Institute
Emi Witt from Optimizely shares insights on utilizing AI to enhance marketing strategies while maintaining a human touch, focusing on advanced personalization and account-based marketing techniques in a comprehensive webinar. (Virtual)

Agritech Thursday | T-REX
AgriTech Thursdays features a talk on Bayer’s Preceon Smart-Corn System by Dr. Kelly Gillespie, highlighting how precision genetic engineering enhances maize resilience and productivity under extreme weather conditions. (In-Person | T-REX)

Entrepreneurial Resilience: How to Prepare for the Unexpected | Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center
Andrea Davis shares strategies for preparing businesses for unforeseen challenges in an event hosted by the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center. Focus areas include continuity planning and emergency management to enhance organizational resilience. (Virtual)

#SheCan Connect Networking Meet Up
SheCan Connect is a growing community for female leaders, entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and creatives. If you are a woman of faith seeking growth, strategy, resources, and inspiration by combining spiritual and professional development, this event is for you. (In-Person | CIC St. Louis – CET)

Founders Lounge Global Summit | MultiPass Venture Community
This summit is a premier gathering for entrepreneurs looking to sharpen their business acumen, particularly in sales and marketing. Keynote speakers, Josh Sample of Drive Social Media and Adam Shaw of Marketing for Founders will share invaluable advice and strategies, fostering a deeper understanding of how to thrive in competitive markets. (In-Person | Aloft St. Louis)

27th Annual What’s Right with the Region Awards | Focus STL
Celebrate positive change at the annual awards event that recognizes individuals and initiatives enhancing the St. Louis community. The evening includes a networking reception and an awards ceremony, highlighting outstanding contributions. (Virtual)

May 10

Communities for Change: Business Formation Webinar | Husch Blackwell
Aspiring entrepreneurs, don’t miss this “Business Formation Webinar” hosted by Husch Blackwell and the Communities for Change program. Gain valuable insights into the importance of business formation, the different legal entity structures, and engage directly with a legal professional. Interested in single-member LLCs? Apply for the Communities for Change program. (Virtual)

Scaling from Five Figures to Multi-Six Figures | Network After Work
Andy Audate and Paulson Thomas share their expert techniques for transitioning from five figures to multi-six figures in business. Their webinar will focus on leveraging social media for leads and automating appointment scheduling to maximize revenue. (Virtual)

Video Marketing Friday Forum | MarketingProfs
Unlock the power of video marketing with insights from three experts who will share insider secrets to overcome budget, time, and scripting challenges. Learn how to produce high-quality videos that engage prospects and drive them through your funnel, sponsored by Vimeo. (Virtual)

Bourbon Friday at TechArtista Downtown
It’s Friday, and it’s not Friday without Bourbon Friday. And you can join us at Techartista Downtown for our weekly social gathering celebrating the St. Louis startup scene. Stop by for 3 minutes or 3 hours for more great drinks and better conversations. (In-Person | TechArtista Downtown)

May 11

Brownpreneurs Entrepreneurship Academy
Experience the vibrancy of entrepreneurial spirit at the Brownpreneurs Entrepreneurship Academy, fostering connections and practical insights for young aspiring entrepreneurs through workshops and live entrepreneurial examples. (In-Person | St. Louis Community College – Forest Park)

May 12

St. Louis Code and Coffee
If you are interested in coding at any level and want a community to connect with and share ideas, this is an informal meet-up for anyone to work or hack on their project. (In-Person | TechArtista UCity)

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