St. Louis Events // Week of November 6, 2023 – Startups, AI, Tech & Marketing

Don’t miss these dynamic chances to develop and propel your startup or career. With options for learning new tech skills, networking with fellow marketing professionals, or pitching your startup, this list caters to a wide range of interests within the innovation industry. Our Founder, Erik Lutenegger, provides a comprehensive list of startup events and opportunities in St. Louis for the week of November 6-10, 2023!

Funding, ESO, & Accelerator Opportunities

Looking for Startup funding opportunities in St. Louis? How about application deadlines for startup accelerators?

Due November 15 | MTC Idea Fund
The IDEA Fund makes direct equity-based investments in Missouri’s most promising emerging companies to promote growth and encourage additional future investment. They have 3 programs: the TechLaunch for pre-seed, Seed Capital for the Seed stage, and the Venture Capital Program, which supports technology startups through matching equity or convertible debt investments up to $2,000,000. (Funding)

Due November 15 | Olin’s BIG IdeaBounce®
This 2-minute video elevator pitch contest is open to all WashU students. A video link of your original idea could be your chance to win part of the $15,000 in total prize money to get your big idea off the ground. All ideas will receive personalized feedback from a panel of experienced judges and mentors. (Pitch Competition)

Due November 27 | TechArtista Foundation Artist Accelerator
The Artist Accelerator from the TechArtista Foundation, an evolved TechArtista Artist Residency, offers emerging visual artists a year-long residency with resources like studio space, financial support, legal and accounting help, and curated mentorship for commercial success and community relationship-building. It’s a valuable opportunity for artists seeking professional growth and complimentary studio space (valued at $5,000) at TechArtista Artist Studios. (Accelerator)

Due November 29 | Techstars Accelerator
Application are due for Boulder, Build in Tulsa, Anywhere Remote, Berlin, Boston, Columbus Powered by The Ohio State University, Equitech, Healthcare sponsored by Cedars-Sinai, Point32Health, UCI Health and UnitedHealthcare, Industries of the Future, London, New York City, Sustainability Paris, Toronto, Transformative World Torino, Web3, Powered by J.P. Morgan for Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, Oakland (Accelerator)

Due November 30 | xTechSearch 8
This U.S. Army competition seeks disruptive technologies from small businesses, offering training and up to $800,000 in cash prizes. Up to 50 finalists get $2,000 each, with 20 winners receiving an additional $35,000 and a chance for a $250,000 Phase I Small Business Innovation Research contract. The focus areas include artificial intelligence, autonomy, and clean tech, among others. (Funding)

Open December 1 | Anchor Accelerator – UMSL Accelerate
The UMSL Anchor Accelerator is a first-of-its-kind program that puts underrepresented entrepreneurs at the center of a purpose-driven, university-led accelerator that begins with a non-dilutive $50,000 capital injection. (Funding)

Apply Now // Free WordPress Speed Optimizations for Non-Profits
Tenacity has officially launched SwingSpan, a Digital Divide program that provides free WordPress Speed Optimizations for Non-profits. So if you are part of a non-profit or know someone who is, and they use WordPress for their website, apply at (Free Help)

Tech, Startup & Marketing Events

Whether looking for Tech and AI events in St. Louis or Virtual Marketing events and webinars, we’ve got everything happening this week.

Events on November 6

How to Charge Correctly as you Scale | Enterprise Nation
Delve into the art of pricing as you transition from a startup, tackling bigger projects and expanding teams under Karen Skidmore’s guidance, ensuring balanced, profitable growth amid common pitfalls. (Virtual)

The Pitch Deck Toolbox: How to Influence Your Audience | Founder Institute
Uncover the art of persuasive pitching with expert Dorothy Fulop in a tailored workshop. Delve into essential branding principles to craft compelling narratives and supercharge your pitch decks. (Virtual)

Skandalaris Center IdeaBounce®
Immerse in vibrant idea exchanges, where local entrepreneurial leaders provide constructive feedback. And witness the blossoming of innovative business ideas in a supportive learning environment amidst a blend of local students and industry stalwarts. (In-Person)

Events on November 7

Data-Informed Decision Making in an Entrepreneurial Business | Enterprise University
Gut-based decision-making is far too common in entrepreneurship, but there’s a better way. In this webinar, learn two powerful tools that can help you make data-informed decisions in your company to avoid problems before they become issues for your business. (Virtual)

WE NYC: Empowered Problem-Solving: Getting Unstuck & Moving Forward
Uncover personal and professional roadblocks, engage in interactive exercises to unearth creative solutions, boost self-assurance, and gain pragmatic strategies to curb procrastination, fostering a resilient, forward-moving mindset. (Virtual)

Co-founder Best Practices | Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center
Unearth practical tips for selecting the ideal co-founder and nurturing enduring business relations. As James Oliver, Jr. and Caleb Martinez share their experiences, enrich your entrepreneurial journey with tested strategies for a harmonious co-founder alliance. (Virtual)

The ROI of AI: Using Data-Powered AI to Accelerate Competitive Advantage | Insider Intelligence
Dive into AI’s transformative power in this enlightening webinar, unraveling how trusted data elevates AI efficacy. (Virtual)

Events on November 8

1 Million Cups St. Louis
This event is for local entrepreneurs to meet and present their startups to the innovation community here in St. Louis. Presenters: The Lady with the Tea & Sharing (In-Person)

November 8-9 // Guru 2023
Indulge in a blend of masterful presentations and spirited discussions, unveiling the quintessence of email marketing. With real-time data as your compass, journey through evolving digital landscapes, guided by industry virtuosos, and emerge with game-changing strategies from this two-day virtual odyssey. (Virtual)

AI and Data Science Virtual Summit | nVidia
Immerse in a digital realm hosted by NVIDIA, traversing through engaging sessions with Meta, NetworkX, and other industry pioneers. While discovering a range of topics, from pandas to emerging tools, all aimed at driving new insights and expanding your data science horizon. (Virtual)

Women in Innovation & Technology Luncheon | WashU Office of Technology Management
Savor a luncheon mingling with WashU’s academic researchers, followed by Dr. Lan Yang’s journey from academia to tech innovation keynote. The engagement continues with audience Q&A and roundtable discussions on entrepreneurship and patent processes. (Virtual)

St. Louis Business Expo & Business Growth Conference
Meet hundreds of driven business owners keen on elevating operational prowess. While mingling amidst live product demonstrations, relish the ease of immediate feedback and the spark of enduring professional connections. (In-Person)

Difference Between ChatGPT and Google Bard and How to Use Each | Network After Work
Find out the nuances between ChatGPT and Google Bard in a stirring webinar. And grasp the core distinctions, delve into practical applications, and engage in a lively Q&A, enriching your AI assistant know-how. (Virtual)

How to Build a Rockstar Webinar Program: Strategies for Success | American Marketing Association
Unravel the secrets of a thriving webinar program with experts, weaving through strategic promotion, engaging content craft, and advanced tool leverage, fostering continuous audience captivation and enrichment. (Virtual)

Business Model Canvas: Value Propositions and Customer Segments Presented by the SBDC | Kirkwood Public Library
Navigate through the Business Model Canvas, honing in on value propositions and customer segments. While you discover how to channel efforts and vision, fostering a keen understanding of creating unique value for distinct customer segments. (In-Person)

Angel Investing and How to Spot an Early Stage Unicorn | Skandalaris Center
Delve into startup investments with Julia Delin, unveiling the art of angel investing. You’ll traverse through strategies to identify early-stage unicorns so you are poised to discern the visionary from the ordinary. (In-Person)

Geosaurus Unleashed | T-REX
Every second Wednesday of the month, T-REX will spotlight a speaker (or a panel of speakers) to discuss how they’re using geospatial technology in their field of expertise to tackle some of the world’s toughest problems. As always, there will be beers, light bites, and maybe some bourbon to share. (In-Person)

Flow & Grow: A Marketing & Movement Experience | HeyDays HQ
Come learn a new marketing tip, tool, or tidbit while enjoying movement and music from yoga to dance to sound bowls, meditation, reiki, vogue, and aerobics. This week is R&B Slo-Flo Yoga w/ Cauiterra and YouTube Marketing with Grow With Google. (In-Person)

TechSTL High Tech Happy Hour – Life Sciences
This regular networking event from TechSTL at T-REX Downtown brings together industry leaders, tech professionals, and founders from high-growth clusters to discuss emerging trends and market opportunities. All this, over beers and light appetizers. (In-Person)

Events on November 9

November 9-19 // The 32nd Annual Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival
Take a film journey as the festival unfolds its cinematic tapestry, presenting 278 meticulously curated films, encapsulating compelling narratives and eye-opening documentaries. While you traverse through a lineup of exclusive events, engaging post-film dialogues, and masterclasses, reveling in the transformative essence of cinema, a gateway to global perspectives and profound thematic explorations (In-Person)

2023 St. Louis Area Chambers Economic Outlook Breakfast | Greater St. Louis, Inc.
Engage with the St. Louis metro’s area chambers and GSL as riveting discussions on “Growing the Region’s Population and Economy” unfold amidst a warm, hearty breakfast, nurturing insightful deliberations and enduring connections. (In-Person)

SecOps Vision for 2024 | Techstrong
Venture into advanced security amid emerging cyber threats, cultivate a collaborative ethos, engage with top-tier tools and insights, and forge a fortified SecOps framework for the future. (Virtual)

Plan Your Website for Online Success | Score St. Louis
You know you need a website for your business. But how do you set it up for online success? First, you need to have a solid plan in place. This webinar will help with that! (Virtual)

Got R&D Money? Top Tips for Funding R&D with Grants | MO SBDC
This 90-minute online program introduces technology startups and businesses to funding R&D through SBIR Grants. This course is just an intro, not a “how to apply” course (Virtual)

Behind the Scenes: How We Built a Webinar Using ChatGPT | MarketingProfs
Step into webinar creation with generative AI at the helm. As Brooke Gracey of Cvent unveils AI’s prowess in crafting enticing titles, engaging content, and honing the allure for the right audience. (Virtual)

Venture Café St. Louis | Mastering PR & Crisis Management
Absorb key strategies to uphold your brand’s image as you engage with industry experts on proactive PR, adeptly navigating through crises and fostering a robust brand image and trust among your audience. (In-Person)

Founders Lounge | MultiPass Venture Community
Entrepreneurs can enjoy an evening fostering relationships, exchanging stories, and gathering insights. It promotes networking and provides opportunities for potential collaborations. (In-Person)

Pocketparks 2023 Celebration
Celebrate Pocketparks’ mission transformation from vacancy to vibrancy with fellow supporters, learning about past strides and what lies ahead while savoring refreshments and awaiting an intriguing City Winery partnership announcement. (In-Person)

The Mixtape Marketplace | HeyDays HQ
Immerse in this rhythmic escapade, revel in dynamic break dance, savor culinary delights, and traverse a hip-hop-inspired vendor market, alongside soaking up marketing savvy from Grow With Google. (In-Person)

Arch Grants Gala
Witness the award of this year’s Arch Grants Founders while you engage in a grand celebration of entrepreneurial excellence, from a vibrant reception through an insightful program to an energetic afterparty, marking the intersections of innovative minds, accolades, and rhythmic beats in a memorable night of discovery. (In-Person)

Events on November 10

Lunch and Learn – Social Media, Branding, and Storytelling | The Scout Guide Saint Louis
Engage in an insightful session on social media, branding, and storytelling. With expert speakers sharing invaluable tips, explore the latest trends, enhance your online presence, and network with like-minded individuals over a delightful lunch to ignite inspiring discussions and insights. (In-Person)

Bourbon Friday at Spark St. Louis
It’s Friday, and it’s not Friday without Bourbon Friday. And you can join us at Spark St. Louis for our weekly social gathering celebrating the St. Louis startup scene. Stop by for 3 minutes or 3 hours for more great drinks and better conversations. (In-Person)

Events on November 12

St. Louis Code and Coffee
If you are interested in coding at any level and want a community to connect with and share ideas, this is an informal meet-up for anyone to work or hack on their project. I believe they are doing Halloween, so watch for that. (In-Person)

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