St. Louis Events // Week of September 18, 2023 – Startups, AI, Tech & Marketing

If you are looking for events that delve into the latest trends in marketing, AI, and pitching, there is something for everyone. Don’t miss the chance to expand your knowledge, network with other professionals, and take the next step in personal or business growth. Here’s a rundown from our Founder, Erik Lutenegger of Events & Opportunities in St. Louis, this week, coming up the week of September 18-22!

Funding, ESO & Accelerator Opportunities

Searching for financial backing, business growth, or entrepreneurial assistance?

Applications Open | STL Startup Week
If you didn’t see, the new STL Startup Week Week website has launched. And if you want to be part of the action beyond just attending, there are 2 ways to get involved. You become a last minute Sponsor the week or volunteer to help at the events. Those applications are open now.
(Ecosystem Opportunities)

Applications Open | Keep It Local Business Fund
The Nextdoor Kind Foundation and NAACP are offering $5,000 grants and valuable resources to support entrepreneurs of color nationwide. Eligible businesses must be majority-owned/operated by people of color. Apply before September 4, 2023. (Funding)

Due October 2 | Enthuse Foundation 5th Annual Pitch Competition
This NYC competition celebrates women in the food, beverage, and CPG sectors. Five entrepreneurs will present to industry experts. Prizes include up to $10,000 cash and business services. Eligible participants are female-majority-owned businesses, operational for under 4 years, earning under $500,000. (Pitch Competition)

Due October 4 // Techstars
Accelerator applications are due for Impact Powered by Cox Enterprises & Payments Powered by Stellar and MoneyGram. (Accelerator)

Due October 31 | North St. Louis Small Business and Non-Profit Grant Program
The City of St. Louis has allocated $37 million for a grant program to assist small businesses and non-profits in North St. Louis. Aimed at reversing decades of disinvestment, the program targets entities disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, within specified geographic areas for economic development and empowerment. (Funding)

Apply Now // Free WordPress Speed Optimizations for Non-Profits
Tenacity has officially launched SwingSpan, a Digital Divide program that provides free WordPress Speed Optimizations for Non-profits. So if you are part of a non-profit or know someone who is, and they use WordPress for their website, apply at (Free Help)

Marketing, Startup & Tech

Events on September 18

St. Louis Startup Week | CIC@Cortex

STL Startup Week 2023 Opening Breakfast
Kick off the week on Monday at CIC@Cortex St. Louis Startup Week at the Opening Breakfast, where you can grab a coffee and a pastry, meet some organizers, and make connections.

Transitioning from Founder-led Sales to Your First Sales Rep: What You Need to Know | Kristie Jones, Sales Acceleration Group
This is a big question for all founders: when should you and by what criteria should be hiring your first sales rep?

Missouri Venture Capital Report 2023: Lessons for Fundraising | Mark Graffagnini, Cara Stone
A review of historical trends for MVC Companies and key insights for those looking to raise money.

Passionate Positioning: Crafting a Value-Driven Brand Identity | Holly Reardon, Hapacity
At this workshop, she’ll unfold the true power of a brand’s positioning statement and its pivotal role in steering your business strategy.

5 ChatGPT Prompts to Simplify Your Social Media Content Creation | Pooja Arshanapally, The Novus
If you struggle to keep up with your social media accounts, you’ll discover 5 easy prompts that streamline your workflow.

St. Louis City SC, Saint Louis’s Largest And Most Unconventional Startup Company
That panel will go over how the St. Louis City SC started up and continues to stand out. Panelists include Matt Sebek – Chief Experience Officer, Trent Bartling – Director of Business Intelligence, and Jeremy Tripp – Director of Digital Experience.

STL Startup Week 2023 Kickoff Block Party
This new event will feature live music, food, drinks, and good company. Grab some beer from Rockwell and treats from a curated selection of food trucks!

Other Events

How to make your content marketing campaigns a success | Enterprise Nation
Anna Morrish of Quibble delves into effective content marketing strategies, emphasizing increasing organic traffic, boosting keyword rankings, and enhancing customer conversion. You’ll gain insights on content repurposing and understanding customer preferences. (Virtual)

Brand Discovery Workshop for Startup Founders | Founder Institute
Learn how to craft a compelling brand story for your startup. Dive into brainstorming techniques, key branding activities, and session success metrics with insights from Crowdinker’s CEO, Aram Melkoumov, and Director, Fiona Haller. (Virtual)

Events on September 19

St. Louis Startup Week | HeyDays

Building Strategy for Growth | Wendy Moore, Eleve Talent
In this session, they’ll establish solid foundations to achieve scalable growth for your organization.

Revolutionizing Customer Interactions: The Rise of RCS Business Messaging | Michael Lamb, NativMSG
Go on a journey through the evolution of business communication, reveal the limitations of traditional channels, and teach you about this new emerging tech.

Finding Your Folks | Brittany Raji Alberty, The Marketing Midwife
Designed to assist entrepreneurs and marketing professionals, participants will learn to identify their ideal customers, define their target market, and craft a results-driven marketing strategy.

Increase Your Sales with Google Tools & SEO | Keisha Mabry Haymore, HeyDays
Small business owners will learn to promote their business with Google tools and learn best practices for Google Business Profile, Merchant Center, and SEO.

Building a Community of Early Adopters | Michael Kiel, Boat Planet
You’ll learn how he validated this startup through a Facebook group, cultivated a dedicated community, and turned that into thousands of users and millions in funding.

Tales from the Tank | Brandon Andrews, Shark Tank Casting
Meet and greet your favorite STL founders who have survived Shark Tank in panel by Casting Director Brandon Andrews. Get up close and personal and go behind the scenes with founders who share their ups, downs, and turnarounds.

Startup Advocacy 101 | NEXT Missouri (Virtual)
Starting a Business is Hard; here, you’ll learn how to advocate for public policy changes to make it easier. (Virtual)

OPO Startups Demo Day
a live pitch competition for entrepreneurs in the tech industry. Like “Shark Tank,” there will be a panel of judges/investors, a live audience, and 4 finalists pitching for a large cash prize.

Intro to Innovation & Entrepreneurship | Washington University in St. Louis and the National Security Innovation Network (NSIN)
Explore the intersection of innovation, entrepreneurship, technology, business, and national security.

Other Events

Game On: Exploring the Next Frontier of Audiences and Advertising | Insider Intelligence
Explore the dynamic world of gaming, understanding its audience, effective advertising strategies, and shifts in usage and preferences. Uncover insights on in-game ads and leveraging data to target players across devices. (Virtual)

How B2B Brands Grow: The Science of Marketing Effectiveness | MarketingProfs
Discover the essential laws of marketing with Ty Heath from LinkedIn’s B2B Institute, emphasizing brand growth, career enhancement, market share increase, and sales boost through evidence-based strategies. (Virtual)

Navigating Fortune 100 Collaboration for Early-Stage Startups | Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center
Dive into effective strategies for early-stage startups to collaborate with Fortune 100 companies, as shared by Tomasz Kolodziejak from Samsung. And learn about fostering partnerships, measuring success, and engaging with large enterprises. (Virtual)

How to Maximize Social Media Virtual Summit | Network After Work
Three world-class speakers share social media success strategies, including LinkedIn profiles, entrepreneurial techniques, Yelp, NextDoor, and effective Google ads. (Virtual)

I Thought YOU Were Doing That: Creating a Culture of Accountability | Enterprise University
Here, you’ll learn the difference between behavioral and performance accountability, how to apply the accountability formula, and when to focus on leading versus lagging accountability. (Virtual)

Events on September 20

St. Louis Startup Week | TechArtista UCity & Washington University

1 Million Cups St. Louis – Presenters: Alpha Omega Computing & REIMAGINE RESOURCES
This event is for local entrepreneurs to meet and present their startups to the innovation community here in St. Louis. 

Startup Advocacy 101 | NEXT Missouri (Virtual)
Starting a Business is Hard; here, you’ll learn how to advocate for public policy changes to make it easier. (Virtual)

What AI Can Actually Do for Your Marketing (and What it Can’t Do) | Brian Moncey, Black Raven
Within a year of ChatGPT’s launch, the world transformed; today, you’ll explore AI’s potential and how businesses can harness it for effective marketing.

Content Marketing Bootcamp for B2B Startups | Mindy Choo
You’ll learn how content marketing can be a pivotal strategy for B2B startups, aligning with business goals and converting leads into closed deals.

Building Community Through Social Media | Lucas Farrell, Mango Social Marketing & STL Bucket List
Online communities are one of the most critical factors in business success. With over 250,000+ combined local followers local to St. Louis, Lucas Farrell from Mango Social Marketing & STL Bucket List will teach you how to build community through Social.

Beyond Brilliance: Scaling by Embracing the Strength of Collective Intelligence | Danni Eickenhorst, HUSTL Hospitality Group
In this session, Danni Eickenhorst from HUSTL Hospitality Group will discuss one of the most common pitfalls for Founders – and how to avoid it through a radical shift in thinking – and why sometimes slowing down can be the rocket fuel.

Startup Connection
This is the St. Louis region’s largest expo and showcase of early-stage startups. Featuring 50 local companies, Startup Connection aims to build relationships between startups, students, investors, customers, and the general public.

Other Events

September 20-21 // Indeed FutureWorks 2023
Shape a future of better work at this premier event for talent leaders. You’ll be inspired by dynamic speakers, interactive panel discussions, a deep dive into the realities of AI, and a chance to engage with Indeed solutions.(Virtual)

September 20-21 // Delivered 2023
A direct mail conference designed to help exceed your current strategies with actionable advice you can implement same-day, informed by a deep pool of real-time user data. (Virtual)

Pumpkin: It’s Not Just for Latte – AMA Happy Hour
Jim and Tim from O’Fallon Brewery will share their branding philosophy, discuss how choices are made in the development of products, and talk about how a novelty turned into their biggest product. (In-Person)

TechSTL – High Tech Happy Hour (IoT / Advanced Manufacturing) @ T-REX
Meet and network with St. Louis’s top tech professionals and dive into IoT and Advanced Manufacturing, discussing all things High Tech Manufacturing, Automation Robotics, Edge / Cloud Computing, and Hardware Development while enjoying cold beers and appetizers. (In-Person)

Events on September 21

St. Louis Startup Week | T-REX

Build a Healthy Team of Self-Leaders from the Start | Jenn Whitmer, Speaker & Coach
Learn to cultivate healthy self-awareness, a key to being a successful leader, and build an empowered team.

The Importance of Helping Build the Local Startup Talent Pipeline | Jess Longueville, Venture for America
Jess Longueville, Venture for America, will discuss the program and benefits of hiring a VFA Fellow, featuring alums and current fellows on a panel discussing the impact and value of nurturing young entrepreneurs.

Like A Boss: Putting Your ADHD to Work for You | Lynn Cook, Perfect Space Coaching
A panel of entrepreneurial experts with ADHD share real-life examples of how ADHD can be a powerful asset in the startup community.

But Did You Budget?! | Dionne Motley, Motley Financial Solutions & Legacy Changers Academy
In this session, learn to master business budgeting, improve personal finances, track spending, and make goal-aligned financial decisions for product- and service-based enterprises.

Entrepreneurial Insights: Perspective on a Decade of Operating VC-Backed Startups | Guy Friedman, SteadyMD
He will share insights from a decade of entrepreneurial experience, covering startup challenges, leadership strategies, and SteadyMD’s journey from seed to Series B, raising $60m and securing major deals.

Breakthrough: Pitch Night at STL Startup Week | Venture Café St. Louis
Start off the night Open Mic Pitch Sessions and get feedback from Mock Angels all night long with 10 minutes of private coaching and workshops on writing a business plan, legalizing your startup, finding the right co-founder, and conducting customer discovery

Pitches Get Stitches: Startup Week Throw Down!
Startup founders from mid-Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas vie in Pitches Get Stitches, a Shark Tank-esque competition, for prizes valued at $5000. Attendees can witness open-mic pitch practice and feedback, with the main pitch event featuring startups: VIZQ.Ai, Pool, ClockTo, EDUrain Inc.

Other Events

Hispanic Cultural Celebration: BAH + Entrepreneur Fair + Food Festival | International Institute
Engage in networking, explore entrepreneurial resources, and savor Latino/Hispanic culinary delights at this vibrant celebration of diversity and achievement. All are welcome! (In-Person)

September 21-22 // Strange Loop 2023
A multi-disciplinary conference that brings together the developers and thinkers building tomorrow’s technology in fields such as emerging languages, alternative databases, concurrency, distributed systems, security, and the web. (In-Person)

September 21-22 // The Design + Data Summit
In two days of information-packed sessions taught by industry-leading experts, you will learn practical, helpful HOW-TO techniques to boost your productivity, efficiency, and design quality. (Virtual)

Inclusive Economic Growth Summit | Greater St. Louis
The metro’s top business and civic leaders will discuss collaboration strategies for inclusive economic growth. Breakfast, lunch, and keynote presentation included. (In-Person)

Business Model Canvas Workshop | Skandalaris Center
Ed Lahue from MOSBDC will go through this powerful tool that can unlock the potential of your business ideas and transform them into well-defined strategies. (In-Person)

Performance is power: Optimize your site for max performance | WP Engine
Industry experts discuss website performance and security patterns, offering insights on monitoring and optimizing WordPress sites for peak performance. (Virtual)

Diverse Business Certifications Work | SCORE
If your business is at least 51% owned, controlled, and managed by women, minorities, veterans, & LGBTQ owners, you need to consider a Diverse Business Certification to help your business grow! (Virtual)

10 Tips for Creating Great Webinar Content That Drives Engagement | AMA
Discover best practices for crafting compelling webinar content and dive into sourcing themes, utilizing AI for inspiration, building narratives, and structuring audience engagement. (Virtual)

Heartland St. Louis Black Chamber Of Commerce Networking Mixer
Are you ready to grow your network and reach a thriving business market? Come learn more about the Chamber and its initiatives while connecting with other black-owned businesses and organizations. (In-Person)

#SheCan Connect Networking Meet Up
#SheCan Connect is a growing community for female leaders, entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and creatives. If you are a woman of faith seeking growth, strategy, resources, and inspiration by combining spiritual and professional development, this event is for you. (In-Person)

Founders Lounge | MultiPass Venture Community
Entrepreneurs can enjoy an evening fostering relationships, exchanging stories, and gathering insights. It promotes networking, provides opportunities for potential collaborations, and includes inspirational talks from successful entrepreneurs. (In-Person)

Events on September 22

St. Louis Startup Week | SparkSTL & TechArtista Downtown

Cybersecurity for Entrepreneurs | Annamaria Szakonyi, St. Louis University
Who will provide entrepreneurs with essential cybersecurity insights and practical strategies to protect their startups from cyber threats and ensure their long-term success.

Optimized Outcomes: How to Negotiate Big Wins | Stephanie Thayer, Strix Intelligence Corporation
Learn to master life’s negotiations in this interactive seminar, where you’ll develop strategies, enhance EQ, and practice with real counterparts to achieve optimal outcomes.

The 7-Figure Story Teller | Gabrielle Burks, Real Estate Bae Agency
In 2023, with 33 million small businesses in the US, standing out requires an authentic story; here, you’ll learn how storytelling can elevate your idea to 7-figures using your brand, personality, and smartphone.

Why Innovate? Why Me? Why Now? | Linda Wu, MiDoc
Dr. Wu will share her journey from engineer to physician to entrepreneur, illustrating how to harness local resources and leverage your current situation to launch the dream startup you’ve always envisioned.

Pivoting, Niching or Walking Away: Separating Logic from Emotion | Jenny Bristow, Hedy & Hopp
Your business concept may look beautiful in a vacuum, but once unleashed on the world, it might grow slower than you’d hoped. Do you need to just keep pushing, or is it time to pivot, niche down, or walk away?

STL Startup Week Closing Party – Hosted by Bourbon Friday at TechArtista Downtown
As soon as Jenny’s keynote is done, you should head over to Techartist Downtown for the STL Startup Week Closing Party. We are going to light bites, craft cocktails, music, and free bourbon tastings all night. So come and celebrate the close of another Great Startup Week.

Other Events

September 22-24 // Greater St Louis Hispanic Festival
As St. Louis celebrates Hispanic culture with live Latino bands, reggaeton music, authentic foods, folkloric dancers, crafts, and activities for kids. Funds raised support scholarships for college-bound students and underprivileged children. (In-Person)

Events on September 23

September 23-24 // Tower Grove Pride 2023: 10th Anniversary!
Celebrate Tower Grove Pride’s 10th Anniversary with global food, live entertainment on two stages, drag, a ball with Maven Lee, shopping from local vendors, nonprofit showcases, a roller rink, parade, and a mechanical bull. (In-Person)

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