What is Tenacity?


te·na·ci·ty – tə-ˈna-sə-tē

: the quality of being tenacious, or of holding fast; persistence

…but we doubt that you are reading this because you want a vocabulary refresher.


Maybe you’re expecting a ‘welcome to our web development blog’ post, and in a way, it is. Although, we’d like to think of this more as a first impression. An opportunity to share who we are, what we do, and hopefully, make The Web a better place.

Who we are

While we’re excited to share how good we are at what we do, we’ll refrain from bogging you down with technical jargon, and we won’t give you some lofty metaphor about tenaciousness and web development.

Instead, our aim is this:

We want to show that being tenacious sets us apart and why that should matter for web development.

Honestly, it may feel like the only connection between steadfastness, persistence, and web development is that I just put them all together in this sentence. But once you dive into the trenches of the Web, you’ll see that it’s a living, breathing creature that often raises more questions than it answers.

Socializing, marketing, informing, entertaining, connecting, eCommerce—the possibilities are endless. Do you know what else is endless? The need to improve, appeal, attract, and to be the best. To do that, though, you have to answer questions that haven’t been asked and anticipate problems that haven’t arisen. It’s just the nature of the beast we call The Web.

And that’s what we do.

We believe that every problem has a solution, and that our clients deserve its relentless pursuit.

So, why start now?

Many people who know us, or have happened to visit our site, know that Tenacity has been around for several years now. So you may ask: “Why start a blog now?”

As a company, we are always looking to improve The Web—our site plus the services we offer are no exception. Our hope is that with The Better Web Blog, we’ll be able to engage more easily with individuals and businesses in the web development community, or anyone who is simply looking for answers to, or assistance with, web development challenges.

Expectations of the Web Development Community and Beyond

We’ll start with the easy part: what you can expect from us.

The Better Web blog is run by me: Megan. You can expect to hear from me frequently since I manage all digital marketing and communication for Tenacity. You will also hear from our founder, Erik, from time to time (or any time I need an expert opinion on web development). And we know we wouldn’t be who we are today without our startup roots, so you’ll also may see guest posts by members of the St. Louis startup community.

We hope to provide you with engaging and relevant content surrounding developments and events happening in web design and the startup community in St. Louis.

Additionally, we’ll offer solutions to commonly asked questions about user experience, web design, and digital marketing; and of course, we’ll post updates regarding Tenacity’s goings-on.

All of this being said, we do have some ground rules for how we’ll allow our readers to interact.

We encourage insightful comments and helpful conversations, but Tenacity staff will remove any offensive or explicit remarks. Also, feel free to ask questions and give us advice in the comments, and we’ll respond within a day or two— after all, we are here not only to help but also to learn.

And as always, if you wish to contact us with an idea you have for a project or have a question about our services, send an email directly to our inbox!

Thank you

So here’s to first impressions. We hope you liked what you learned about us, who we are, and what we stand for, and we genuinely hope you’ll stick around to see what we will do.

Welcome to Tenacity, home of The Better Web blog.

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